Canadians love flying out of Buffalo more than ever -

Canadians love flying out of Buffalo more than ever

The influx has spurred business booms, and an airport expansion


The Buffalo Niagara International Airport celebrated its five-millionth passenger back in 2006, roughly 14 years ahead of schedule. Much of that growth has come from Canadians seeking flights at as little as half the price of a trip from Toronto. Last year, 42 per cent of the passengers who parked in the airport’s long-term parking lots had Canadian licence plates, up from eight per cent in 1997.

The influx has spurred the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, which runs the airport, to plan a $400-million expansion. The airport expects to hit eight million passengers by 2030, many from Canada at rates that would make Buffalo Canada’s sixth-largest airport. All that Canadian traffic has also turned the streets around Buffalo’s airport into one of the city’s most bustling neighbourhoods, with hotels, bars and 24-hour restaurants. To keep business booming, the transportation authority has set up a website,, which it advertises on billboards on Toronto highways. “Certainly we have our eye on the Canadian market,” says airport spokesman Douglas Hartmayer. “It’s very high on our radar and it’s certainly not something we take for granted.”

For Toronto travellers, the airport’s planned expansion lacks only one authentic Canuck detail: a Tim Hortons.


Canadians love flying out of Buffalo more than ever

  1. Yes but there is a Timmy Ho’s right across the street from the airport.

  2. I absolutely love the the Buffalo airport, and funny you mention it, I use the Timmy H near the airport every time I fly.  You just cannot beat the low fares and options in Buffalo, Pearson just doesn’t get it, you cannot tax us all to death.  Go Buffalo!

  3. I save hundreds of dollars on round trip airfare each time I fly out of Buffalo. And you don’t have to walk 5km to get to and from the gate either. Parking’s cheaper too.

  4. Toronto has attitude and treats its passengers as if they are dirt – Buffalo fairs and treatment of passengers are far superior