So you want to be a …

Maclean’s investigates pay for dream jobs and unusual professions, including a model, skydive instructor and private investigator


Read more from the Maclean’s Who Earns What issue here.


So you want to be a …

  1. I wonder if the art gallery is accepting applications.

  2. Epic fail in the research department Maclean’s You quote that the “average of the top 10%” of elementary teachers makes $98, 800.

    Thats interesting since according to their own salary grid, the top paid teacher with a 5 year degree (which is most teachers) would max out at $74353 after 10 years. With a master’s degree (two more years of university) its $81 488 (source: http://www.bcpsea.bc.ca/documents/39-SalaryGrid2010.pdf – aka THE EMPLOYER!!). Please send your researcher back tot school.

    Can we expect a correction in the next issue? Won’t hold my breath.

    Of course this was just a research error and was not a right wing conspiracy to continue the attack on those evil teachers. Right?

    • FYI: this was for Vancouver, as you quoted

    • The last entry on that grid is July 2010 – 3 years ago. Top salary increased 11K in 5 years so presumably the top salary now would be 6.6K more. And I assume that a teacher with 30 years makes more than a teacher with 10, no?

      • No, we haven’t had any raises in the last three years, and won’t be getting one anytime soon. As well, the top of the grid is exactly that, the top, so no, someone with 30 years doesn’t make more than someone with 10. We can dream of that much money, but that is all it is, a dream.

      • No !!! The grid is maxed out at 10. After 10, no statutory increases. Check the employer’s site where all of this is explained clearly.

  3. My dream job is to be owner of KKR.

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