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Spicing up social media

The manly man: Mustafa responded to viewers in a series of over 180 YouTube video ads


Corporate America finally figured out social media. Over two days, beginning July 13, the team behind Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice body wash campaign churned out more than 180 YouTube videos in which a hunky, bare-chested actor named Isaiah Mustafa, playing the most manly man imaginable, responded in near real-time to consumer and celebrity comments posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The funny, personalized spots were spawned by a Super Bowl ad that aired earlier this year: Mustafa, shirtless, asks women to compare their men to him as nifty backdrops and camera trickery allow him to move from a shower stall, to a yacht, to horseback. From a marketing perspective, the YouTube spots are being hailed as a stroke of brilliance, costing a tiny fraction of the original TV ads and engaging an enthusiastic audience of tens of millions.

Not bad for a 72-year-old brand once associated with your father’s aftershave.


Spicing up social media

  1. Old Spice found social media gold! I can only imagine how many marketers are studying this campaign. The most remarkable result coming from their social media effort is they not only engaged with their customers but all of this cost a fraction of their Super Bowl ad with 50 times the success. Social media will allow smaller companies to ride with the big boys.

  2. From what I understand, sales of Old Spice have gone down 8%; so in that sense, was it a success?

    Something similar happened with Burger Kings Whopper Sacrifice.

    I'm a business. I hire marketing ppl to increase sales. Sales go down. From the owners perspective was the expenditure successful? Did it accomplish it's mission?

    Guess what I'm doing this week? I'm closing my store after 30 years. SM has done nothing for me( independent business owner) & I have tried, Lord knows. No more money for the "experts" -that's for big corporations who can afford it.

  3. Social media it's changing the world as we know it, they can reach people in a whole different way and this campaign stroke a chord, was charming, innovative, fun interaction with people, and the price can't go wrong, it is advertising at your fingertips, when you want it and you need it.