Spring house hunting: What $1 million will get you

How far will your real estate dollar take you in today’s market?


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Spring house hunting: What $1 million will get you

  1. So much of the real estate market is predicated on the greater fool theory. Home owners just need to find a greater fool that is willing to pay more for a house than they did when they bought it.

    The Calgary million dollar home is a bit of an exaggeration – there are a lot nicer homes than that for a million dollars.


    • I said the exact same thing in the last MacLean's posting on what you could get in these cities. The Calgary house posted was a joke. MacLean's, you are either devillish or you need a better real estate source in Calgary.

  2. 2742 ft for a mill in Saskabush seems a bit over priced

  3. Calgary buys you any one of those homes up there for a million. What's wrong with you, MacLeans? Only the ugly, postage stamp ones will do?

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