Spring house hunting: What $150,000 will get you

How far will your real estate dollar take you in today’s market?


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Spring house hunting: What $150,000 will get you

  1. It just shows that there is affordable housing if you look for it. If I had to live in Vancouver I would much rather live in a trailer park than have a $350,000.00 mortgage.

    • If you would rather a trailer park, it pays to remember that drugs are big, big business here, not just the smoking of it, but the growing and dealing of it. Choosing the right neighbours may be worth the 500,000 price tag (and that is a far suburb with a house that cheap and safe).

  2. No mention of Port Alberni, B. C. on Vancouver Island. This is an undiscovered jewel, with house prices still very affordable. You can get glorious ocean and mountain views for next to nothing. I was in their hospital recently and was blown away by their entrance hall, which has skylights, mature trees (indoors), and meandering paths and benches through a garden area (indoors). Port Albernie is on the road through the world famous Cathedral Grove, which is on the way to Tofino.

    • The reason houses are cheap in Pt. Alberni is because there are no jobs. Only rich retirees from elsewhere and welfare bums can afford to buy there. Those with young families have moved to oilberta where there are jobs.

  3. Why aren't there any houses from London, Ontario or Sarnia? These markets are still in the affordable range.

    • Because Sarnia is cancer alley.

  4. House at $150,000 in Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto? And having even more than 1000sqft?
    And a Halifax just listing a studio and less than 650sqft for the same amount??

    I'm sorry, but I'd say that the article/study cannot be trusted at all. And manipulating.
    Until I see the exact mls.ca item posted.

    • Agreed. Nothing in Calgary in that price range. I mean nothing – not even a garden shed.

  5. Look again Stef, those aren't houses in Vic and Van, they're trailers, in trailer parks. You can't even get basement condo in Victoria for less than 200,000. The cheapest houses are around 370,000.

    • and in the trailer park you pay lot fees too…

  6. Buying a $500,000 house does not ensure that you will not be living beside scoundrels. You can find marijuana grow operations, with their danger of violence, in posh neighborhoods too. There is such a thing as "Poor but honest", you know! Some of the greediest crooks of them all are found on the lofty peaks of Wall Street, and large and ruthless corporations. Look at Canada's Conrad Black. One day running a newspaper conglomerate and supping with Prince Charles, the next day behind bars for runaway greed.


  8. Prices are down right now on Vancouver Island, so it is a good time to buy. (November, 2010) We have the best climate in Canada, gardening virtually year round, and of course matchless scenic beauty. The ocean, mountains, wildlife – its a paradise, really. From my sundeck in downtown Nanaimo I am feeding the Chickadees and the Stellar's Jays. In North Nanaimo there are so many wild deer that people complain about garden damage. I had the great experience of a long sighting of a Humpback Whale on the short trip by ferry to Gabriola Island. This big fellow was close to the ferry and breached the water more than a dozen times. The Captain stopped the ferry so we could enjoy this thrilling encounter. Port Alberni was recently officially named the Fishing Capital of the World. I've seen a lot of ducks there too, so it must be great for duck hunting.

  9. Port Alberni is now the official Sports Fishing capital of the world.  There was a tremendous run of Spring Salmon this summer – a bonanza!  Four Danish businessmen travelled to Port Alberni for this and stayed in my sister Bev Ross’s Vacation rental, which is a stone’s throw to a fishing glory hole, also a pristine, densely forested park.   They caught many fish, including a 32 pounder! 

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