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Spring house hunting: What $500,000 will get you

How far will your real estate dollar take you in today’s market?


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Spring house hunting: What $500,000 will get you

  1. You can get a lot nicer house than this in Regina for $500,000.

  2. I agree with Moira. Your examples are not representative of what can actually be purchased in Edmonton as well. I can do much better than your example.

    • I disagree Steven. I think the Edmonton example is a good one. This house is listed in one of the most expensive areas in the city, Glenora. It is a fine example of the cost of buying a "fixer-upper" in this area.

  3. The Calgary example was uninspiring. My son just bought a much nicer, home , with superior landscaping in the South West, for about $130,000 cheaper.


  4. "…uninspiring…" is being polite! It's a SAD show of Ugly Betty's for $1/2Mill! I guess this is what you get when the government artificially lowers the interest rates! The price of every crap hole in the nation goes parabolic… I have just returned from the US and I can tell you this tale does NOT end well… but thanks BoC…