Spring house hunting

We’ve scoured 20 cities for real estate finds—for all budgets



Though Canada’s housing market has shown remarkable resilience in past years even as other sectors of the economy have tumbled, a trio of factors appears likely to cool things down over the coming months: a record number of homes entered the market during the first quarter of 2010, meaning buyers will likely spend more time shopping around before bidding on a home; the country’s biggest lenders are starting to hike interest rates after a long stretch at record lows; and the federal government is tightening mortgage eligibility rules, which could leave some potential buyers out in the cold. Still, the pace of sales has been brisk of late and homes are still selling for near-record prices across the country, both of which suggest Canadians have yet to lose their appetite for house shopping.

Click below to see what’s available in some of Canada’s largest markets.

150k 350k
500k 1mil

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Spring house hunting

  1. That's right kids, sign up for 35 years of debt quick…before you have to pay higher rates which make the house unaffordable!

    Oh, what's that? You'll have to pay higher rates in five years anyways when you have to re-mortgage, and then you won't be able to afford the payments?

    No problem, by then the house will have doubled in value, maybe tripled, and your on easy street! Just like all the subprime borrowers in the US were told.

    House prices always go up, that's why the US, UK, Spain, Greek, Irish banks were safe lending money to anyone to buy them.

    Happy house hunting, and remember, there is never too high a price to pay!

    • David is a realtor FYI, so go ahead kids, take his advice and buy buy buy!

  2. Live high on the hog today. Pay the price tomorrow. Commit suicide the next day. What a life.

  3. Why should the sweaty masses have to live within their means when those who lead us go on spending money like there's no end? We all need to start living within our means and there are very, very few Canadians who can live within their means in a million dollar house.

    The federal government should take a dose of its own medicine and tighten rules on how much it can borrow as well.

  4. Useful information. Helped me figure out few things. Keep up the good work.

  5. the high end Ch'town house had a sold sign on it 2 weeks ago!

  6. Be smart, and consider moving away from the Vancouver metro if you are on a budget where you cannot realistically sustain a mortgage beyond your means. Moving just 30 minutes away from the Vancouver core means a reduction in overall home costs of over 15%.

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