Tablets overtake desktops—laptops are next -

Tablets overtake desktops—laptops are next


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Tablets overtake desktops—laptops are next

  1. This is ridiculous. A Tablet cannot even come close to the Computing power of a Laptop or PC. The Ipad is not a tablet PC. Microsoft Surface is – and it is well over $1000.00. It is a true tablet pc because it can run all PC programs and internet services without special versions. The Ipad is just a toy. I don’t even care about owning one.

    The fastest Ipad has the specs of a late 90s PC.

    • I abuse my PC heavily (lots of apps, have to multitask a lot) and I couldn’t do that on tablet for sure. But most people don’t need what you or I need. They open a browser with one tab, check Google for something, then lie down in bed and watch a movie before falling asleep. Tablet is enough for them.

  2. They mean in sales but yeah. Tablets are still not very useful compared to a laptop.

  3. Tablets are becoming the first choice of users now and users are preferring them over laptops and desktops. And pricing is the main factor tablets are becoming popular.