Tax dodging: here's how Canada ranks -

Tax dodging: here’s how Canada ranks

Well… at least we’re not Cyprus


Source: NBF Economy & Strategy (Data via Schneider (2012))

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Tax dodging: here’s how Canada ranks

  1. Gosh, not communism or socialism at all. Plain ole capitalism.

    • No..just plain old fraud!

      • Not paying taxes…..same thing.

  2. A lot of little players compared to a couple of bigger players, omitting the major players to demonstrate exactly what? You only recently figured out how to use Powerpoint? Huzzah!

  3. It’s pretty hard on them. Cyprus had Canadian levels of debt until this crisis which will take them from around 70% debt to GDP to 140% with a bailout. And it was Greece’s ‘socialistic’ levels of government spending that is primarily the reason for Cyprus’s banks going into crisis as far as I understand, since their banks had a lot of Greek investments.

    • Actually it was AGAIN the shadow banking pulling the strings just like everywhere else.

  4. This is no good.

  5. Interesting. Reminds me of when Liberal PM Paul Martin registered his shipping company in the Bahamas to avoid paying Canadian taxes.

    Taxes are needlessly high. Governments waste and spend like its going out of style and then its suddenly the fault of people not paying enough taxes and cheating.

    Reign in the reckless spending already!