Slideshow: Are his tighter mortgage rules working?

Make up your mind, with these six charts



Slideshow: Are his tighter mortgage rules working?

  1. Flaherty’s tighter mortgage rules?? That’s a laugh! He caused the housing bubble in the first place by importing disastrous American banking deregulation in 2006: 40-year no-money-down mortgages. Clearly it was under advisement of the Bank of Canada that the Harper Government tightened mortgage rules it loosened to get a handle on the housing bubble it created.

  2. Face facts people….Housing prices in the past 10-12 years have been going up 8-12% per year….Only a matter of time before this would stop….people’s wages have not gone up 80-100% in the past 10 years with a few exceptions…..

    The new rules have stopped people from buying a starter home….then, 3-5 years later, they sell the house to buy a bigger one….Those of you in Toronto and Vancouver, could have big problems if you have property to sell when your parents die…$750,000+ homes…who will buy the home(s)….

    Who can afford a detached home in Toronto or Vancouver if you have family….This is why immigrants are buying condo apts and townhomes….they do not want a house…Builders seem to be catching on…..Fewer and fewer detached homes are being built every year….Aging population….steve m

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