Consumers take a pass on Playstation VITA

Sony’s powerful mobile gaming machine has trouble competing with smartphones, tablets and an Italian plumber

Two thumbs down

Ina Fassbender/Reuters

Sony’s Vita portable game console has won positive reviews, but so far consumers are taking a pass. Since first going on sale in December, Sony has sold just 2.2 million of the devices. By contrast, Nintendo has sold 19 million units of its competing 3DS since it went on sale in early 2011. Analysts blame a crowded gaming market increasingly dominated by smartphones and tablets, which also allow people to play games. Gamers, meanwhile, complain about a lack of titles for the Vita. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, who took over at the struggling electronics giant in April, responded to the critics this week when he told Reuters that Vita sales are in line with expectations and that the PlayStation 3 got off to a similarly slow start. But in the wake of last year’s shocking US$5.8-billion loss, Hirai needs to do more than just hold the line with Vita. He needs another Walkman.


Consumers take a pass on Playstation VITA

  1. The 3DS is Nintendo’s worst console yet, a total slap to the face to lifelong fans like myself. It’s a rotten piece of crap that’s around 1/15th as powerful as the Vita, its control input options are inferior, it gets worse battery life, its screen quality is vastly inferior(400×240 LCD vs 960×544 OLED? Psh), its online functionality isn’t anywhere near as good and the Vita already has the better game library- oh, and they launched at the same price. The 3DS is such a ripoff it’s unreal. I hope the 3DS bombs so Nintendo actually TRIES next time, it feels weird not gaming on a Nintendo platform. I think I’d prefer that Nintendo go software-only and stop producing hardware, though, since the Wii U is also a disgusting piece of crap(not quite as bad as the 3DS, though).

    Smartphone “gaming” is a joke, all the decent games are simplistic as hell. The only decent smartphone games would work just as well, if not better, on the Vita.

    And the Vita? It’s the first handheld gaming device to offer a full-featured control experience on a handheld, plus things like its touchscreen and rear touchpad coupled with OLED tech(extremely uncommon and cheap on consumer TVs) make it so that the Vita offers things the home consoles can’t in a gaming experience. The Vita’s currently the most powerful pocketable device in the world and it’s easier to develop for the Vita than any other platform right now, with PC and smartphone optimization being much more different given all the different hardware component combinations and the devtools being better than the 360’s. Contrary to Nintendo fanboy logic, better hardware DOES mean better gaming experiences, I can’t believe Nintendo has their fans brainwashed into bragging about lesser hardware.

    I guarantee that the Vita will outsell the 3DS this holiday season, especially with the list of games releasing for the Vita in Q4 2012 being better than the 3DS’ entire library by then. Hopefully consumers will stop being idiots and get the only modern handheld gaming device worth owning, the Vita, instead of letting fanboy stupidity cloud their judgement. Playing the same damn games(Mario, Zelda, Mario, Mario and more Mario) that’ve been available for the past few decades is lame and Nintendo needs to bomb so they learn the lesson that it’s not okay to rip off fans.

    One last thing, what the hell is with the URL saying “two-thumbs-down”? Only an idiot would say something like that about the Vita, that or a brainwashed Nintendrone. I’m so glad the piece of crap 3DS broke Nintendo’s fanboy spell on me, you shouldn’t be so proud of your own stupidity.

    • thats a bit rich considering that the vitas memory cards cost twice as much as they should and that their required to do stuff, also it doesnt matter which one is technically better, which the vita is by a long mile, but one of these products seems to be doing better han the other.

    • Unlike the 3ds, the vita has no audiences besides psfanboys and hardcore gamers. It will fail if it only focus on games me and you would play (like mgs4 or uncharted). 3ds while being weaker, will dominate because Nintendo knows what games are right for the mass audiences, meaning they can make as many Mario games and it will sell to both casual and hardcore gamers.

      I also disagree that the vita will outsell this holiday season, mainly because the product can’t identify itself besides being a powerhouse. You keep bragging on how powerful the system is (which I agree) but there’s no games for the MASS AUDIENCE. Tell me a game that can convince a non or casual gamer to play the system. They will past on titles like gravity rush or uncharted because those are games for hardcore gamers. Most likely they will play angry birds or mario bros. because while a 3ds or smartphone is less powerful than the vita, it identifies itself as simple gaming on the go. Most hardcore gamers from xbox fanboys to pc elitist will most likely agree that mobile gaming should be kept short/simple and not “home console gaming on the go” (quote from sony when describing the vita).

      I also disagree with better hardware = better gaming. On a side note, you shouldn’t be calling a person stupid because they own something you don’t like. It just shows how low you are.