U.S. vacation homes for $250,000

Real estate is cheaper than ever in 15 popular vacation spots



U.S. vacation homes for $250,000

  1. If I had a spare 250 grand, and wanted to live in US, I would be moving to Savannah, GA. Looks like a lovely old character home. And ever since reading ‘midnight in the garden … ‘ I’ve wanted to check out Savannah.

    And whoever took the photo of the home in Myrtle Beach, SC needs to try again. There’s no reason to cut off top of the home in order to accentuate brown lawn.

    • if i had a spare 250 thousand i would be spending it my own country – Canada – first

      • Easy there, man.

  2. … Honolulu – groan – what a deal ! A friend of mine just got back from Chicago where he and a few dozen others went on a bus charter all are canadians looking at buying up american real estate some righteious deals available now that boggle the mind. I am sorely tempted and have a few dollars .. am giving it serious thought!

    • I bet there are good deals to be had. Banks must be keen to offload all those foreclosed homes.

  3. better start buying before the chinese snap it all up.

  4. Much as I like the idea of reasonably priced and spaciously sized homes, and I even like putting those two together in the same package even better, I don’t feel that purchasing anything in a closing society such as the USA is such a good idea.

    Considering the incredible number of parrallels with late-30’s/early 40’s Germany, perhaps it will be safer to stay away from the USA until their current “Homeland Security” reich has run it’s course…

    • you got to be kidding me….:]

  5. You left out the Coachella Valley, best winter climate in the Americas, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, etc. Homes are way down here.

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