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Will it fly again?

The Concorde made its final transatlantic flight



The Concorde, the world’s first supersonic commercial aircraft, made its final transatlantic flight in October 2003. After a 3½-hour flight from New York, the pointy-nosed jet touched down at London’s Heathrow Airport in front of a crowd that had gathered to say goodbye. But now enthusiasts are hoping to get the Concorde off the ground once again at an estimated cost of $22 million—ideally in time for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London.

So far, the U.K.’s Save Concorde Group and another like-minded organization in France say they’ve conducted engine tests on one of Air France’s former Concordes, which is owned by a museum. British Airways and Air France decided to retire the supersonic aircraft in 2003 after 27 years of service, citing rising maintenance costs and too few passengers following the 9/11 attacks. However, the jet’s fate was likely sealed several years earlier. In 2000, Air France flight 4590 crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 113 people.


Will it fly again?

  1. She was a beauty, but her time is past.

    I bet they could make a profit with a newer, cheaper version of a supersonic airliner though. I would definitely pay extra to be able to reach Europe in half a day rather than a full day of travel. I expect that it could also be used for travel across the Pacific.

  2. It was without doubt the most advanced passenger aircraft of its time.The Americans had nothing like it,not even under development.In 1974,the year Saudi Arabia and others starved us of oil,the Concorde was already under construction in an excellent example of international cooperation.It was the cost of fuel that killed this simply magnificent aircraft that flew even 30 years ago about three times as fast as even the fastest airliner today!I am grateful of having been able to see the Concord close up in flight at an Toronto air show.A deeply impressing and almost emotional experience.We will never again see something like her.