Wine snobs beware

Whole Foods is selling wines in the U.S. for under $2, to mixed reviews

Wine snobs beware

Michael Owen Baker/Keystone Press

With its artisanal cheeses, savoury prepared foods and pricey organic produce, Whole Foods isn’t exactly known as a value proposition among grocery shoppers. But when it comes to wine, the successful high-end supermarket chain has decided to dip a toe down-market, at least in its U.S. stores. It recently rolled out a handful of California wines called Three Wishes that cost under US$2, and is asking customers to “chuck the Chuck,” a reference to the US$1.99 Charles Shaw wines (“Two-buck Chuck”) sold at Trader Joe’s grocery stores in the United States. “We saw our customers looking for lower-priced offerings in the wine category, so we went looking,” explains Doug Bell, a global wine buyer for Whole Foods Market. But how do they taste? The reviews range from surprisingly drinkable to, in the words of wine reviewer Brant Foehl on his SF Weekly blog, “I’d rather just chew the two dollar bills directly.”



Wine snobs beware

  1. Come one MCLEAN'S, you can do a better job than this. This is not about "wine snobbery or not". You get what you pay for. The $2 wine gimmick was done before as advertising by other chains and you fell for it. WHOLE FOODS cares about unloading large volumes of wine irrelevant of quality. They recently sold two lower end Champagne from NICHOLAS FEUILLATTTE and DUVAL-LEROY that had been poorly stored. Their "Champagne on sale" turned out a full case of cooked wine. Come on MCLEAN's, you can do better

  2. Why would Whole Foods chase the bottom end of the market? Most of the products they sell are quality lines at very good margins. The Whole Foods customer knows they are not buying the cheapest of anything and are prepared to pay for quality. This $2 wine stunt goes against that philosophy.

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