IMF Chief Christine Lagarde on dashed expectations of "more intelligent" U.S. fiscal policy -

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde on dashed expectations of “more intelligent” U.S. fiscal policy

Not, hem, very diplomatic


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IMF Chief Christine Lagarde on dashed expectations of “more intelligent” U.S. fiscal policy

  1. ‘You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.’ Churchill.

    Wait for it Christine.

    • Leave it to the French to tell an American how to make money.

      • France has been around a very long time, surviving a lot of things. The US is an upstart and has already peaked.

        • Oh give it a rest. The rise of moden france and the US was very much a concurrent activity. There was a few who at the time who believed that they would take very similar paths. However, though an alliance was formed, even Franklin and his fellows were a little suprised at how the French view of liberty was ahemmm, not exactly the same as the american view. As the guillotine was definitely a French thing, one can see that the French and US paths had, shall we say, a slight divergence. However, the start of each was in the same period.

          This is why I find so funny to have a Frenchman telling an american how to make money.

          BTW – Making any claim that modern france is linked to ancient france is about as robust as linking modern egypt to ancient egypt. It just ain’t the same country.

          • a) she is not speaking for France, she is speaking for the IMF

            b) the US couldn’t have made it without the help of France

            c) France and the US were at different places in the time-line to be sure…..but France has still been around for a very long time and outranks the upstart US

            d) ‘Making money’ is not the meaning of Life

          • HAHA, oh, you are only making it funnier. For socialists, making money is definitely not their aim- it is all about spending money, other people’s money. They really don’t care about making it, they just take it, which is precisely why her comment was so funny.

          • If you can’t speak English, then don’t bother posting.

          • Oh my, you weren’t trying to be funny….. :0(
            That makes it even better

            Thanks Em – this has made my day

          • Your standard pattern eh? Make a remark, get found wrong, giggle and run off.

          • Oh, I am well aware that the facts in your world have nothing to do with reality. Being called wrong by you should give everyone courage that they are actually on the right path.

            After all, the French are known for their ability to make money and leading the free world and the Americans for their great cheese…

          • Con patterns come in neon….I’ve seen this one many times.

  2. Given the IMF just admitted two weeks ago that it had mishandled the EU file, I think Ms. Lagarde should sing very small. It doesn’t sound like anybody at the top knows how to steer the ship.

    • Actually she said austerity was the problem.

      • Well, no socialist is ever going to come out and say less government spending is the answer now are they??

        • Well it’s not the answer….neither is more spending. You get so caught up in ideology you miss the actual problem.

          • Which was – they had mishandled the file.

          • Which means they mishandled the file. What part of that sentence don’t you understand?

          • Which means the IMF move was too hard on Greece….not Lagarde, not the EU, not France.

  3. This woman knows nothing. Sequestration is a drop in the ocean of the US budget. The US economy was flat-lined before sequestration. She needs to get a group on reality. And she needs to take a step back and take a long look at the wonders the IMF has done in Europe, such as 50% youth unemployment in Spain and a complete disaster in Greece. She has not a leg to stand on. You would think that someone who has produced nothing but failure would keep her mouth shut rather than promote more failure.