That cheap manufacturing labour: a portrait gallery

Here’s what a ‘highly mechanized’ factory looks like in Cambodia


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That cheap manufacturing labour: a portrait gallery

  1. $70 to $80 being the industry average, but moving up due to the factory that pays $110 for more sophisticated work.  But what is the average wage in Cambodia?  Just curious–need perspective to understand what I am reading here.

    • We need all kinds of information.  What is the cost of living. What is the standard of living. What is the life expectancy… all interconnected.

    • It’s difficult to say what “average” wages are in Cambodia since most people don’t have jobs with salaries — the majority of the population are subsistence farmers. In Phnom Penh, the capital city, most workers (motorbike taxi drivers/construction workers/waiters) earn a couple/few dollars a day — but even state school teachers have similarly low official salaries, though they charge daily fees of their students (a practice that is technically illegal but widespread) to supplement their earnings.

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