The odds are against Tim Hudak’s plan to create a million Ontario jobs

History shows he’ll need a huge dose of luck


The leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Tim Hudak, is planning on releasing a “Million Jobs Act” that he claims, if implemented, will add one  million jobs to the Ontario economy over eight years.

Without knowing the specific details of the plan, it is impossible to determine what impact, if any, Hudak’s policies will have on employment. What we can do, however, is put the million jobs number in context by looking at past Ontario job performance.

Statistics Canada has employment data for Ontario going back to 1976. Here are the number of net new jobs added (or subtracted) each year from 1977-2013:

Ontario employment growth by year.

One million jobs over eight years means that the Ontario economy would need to average 125,000 jobs a year over this period (which is represented by the “target” line on our graph). Since 1976 the Ontario economy has averaged only 85,000 net new jobs a year, though there have been many years that have exceeded the 125,000 threshold (1979, 1981, 1983-1988, 1997-2000 and 2003).

Of course, it is not enough to add 125,000 jobs in a single year, Ontario must average that over an eight year period to meet Mr. Hudak’s goal. Here is the same data, looking at employment growth over an eight year period:

Eight year employment growth in Ontario.

The years on the chart represent the last year of an eight year period, so the figure “1999″ represents the period 1991-1999. Of the 30 periods in our chart, Ontario only added a million net jobs in four of them: 1994-2002, 1995-2003, 1996-2004 and 1997-2005, though the province came very close in 1982-1990 (995.5 million net jobs) and 1998-2006 (994.8 million).

Given this past performance, adding one million net new jobs is an ambitious — but not impossible — target. Policy, no matter how designed, alone will not get us there. Ontario also needs a great deal of luck.


The odds are against Tim Hudak’s plan to create a million Ontario jobs

  1. From Hudak’s op-ed: “My plan to reduce Ontario’s 380,000 government regulations by a third over three years will free entrepreneurs to concentrate on succeeding, and make public services more efficient and affordable.”

    I look forward to reading their forthcoming, itemized analysis of goverment regulations – all 380,000 of them – that specifically identifies the 126,000 or so that are impediments to entrepreneurs and/or the efficiency and cost of delivering public services.

    They must have done so already, because they’d have to be awfully stupid to be specifying the number of bad regulations on the basis of a feel-good figure extracted from their backsides.

    At least the prospect of culling regulations at the rate of some 42,000 per year is a very realistic and stable plan, and in no way would create chaos and uncertainty as entrepreneurs and civil servants scrambled to keep up with it all.

    • Do you ever wonder why cool things like drones, nanotechnology and google cars are invented and nourished in US while here in Canada we look on in jealousy?

      • Let me guess: 126,000 fewer regulations?

        Actually, the funding of research – private and public – has a lot more to do with the examples you cite than regulations. Canadian corporations have long been laggards in R and D investments, and their reaction to the recession was to sit on profits even more. Public science funding has tended to be more piecemeal and egalitarian here, whereas in the USA there has longer been a focus on large research projects and fewer individual grants.

        • You can’t separate funding and regulations. American government created the internet with their funds – what has our government created with funds that is remotely comparable? Many Canadian regulations are just rent seeking or large corps trying to stop small corps from developing into something bigger.

          I am in guelph and attend the farmer’s market most weekends, In the last year, two small stall holders quit the market because they were tired of paper work for government that has to be done. It wasn’t just one law or reg, it was acumalation of many laws over years. They were small businesses so nobody in politics or the left wing types cares about them.

          I have a very small business that I do on the side of my actual job and I have looked into growing it but I can’t be bothered. More hassle than it’s worth and that is mainly due to laws and regs that stop me from growing business without lots of capital.

          • Yeah, it’s always so much trouble to become a billionaire….paperwork is such a barrier.

            Not pirates, or foreign customs, or the king’s soldiers, or going through Sherwood Forest, or getting goods over the mountains…..just paperwork.

          • If I thought my idea was going to turn me into a billionaire I would not be so lazy. Right now, I earn around $5,000 annually from my second job and I could probably grow my business into something like $50,000. I would not want much extra than I already earn, I could pay someone more than minimum wage but paper work is one of the main things that stops me. Employing people is similar to severe ache in my balls if you look into what would be involved. .

          • But that’s the premise you’re working on… want to be rich, or at least richer….but you’re not willing to make the effort.

            Fine….but don’t blame it on taxes or paperwork or anything else other than your own laziness.

          • I’d be rich if only the government would get off my back. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, Tim Hudak…meanwhile I’d like to see an analysis of what someone would give up in order to get government off their back so they can make the assessment an extra $25,000 a year would be worth the effort without all the alleged impediments which I presume include living in a society with roads, sewers, a functioning legal system, a functioning political system, a functioning education system, a functioning transportation system, etc, etc, etc.

            what’s paying the real cost of things gonna cost dem?

          • LOL yes, it’s the same old bunch of excuses everytime.

            It’s the taxes, it’s the paperwork, it’s the civil service, it’s the environmentalists, it’s the Boomers, the boat rocked, the sun was in my eyes……..

            And never, as you say, a mention of all the benefits they have.

            Truth is….if they can’t make it in Canada they can’t make it anywhere.

            They just like having excuses at the ready.

          • It is easier to make it in the US. I have lived in 4 countries, including the USA. My 10 years in USA were the most financially productive years of my career. NAFTA enabled it too,

          • Then go live there instead of mooching off the benefits here.

          • Yes, send the businesses away! We don’t need them do we? We’ll just fund our $53 billion health program with… um…

          • Oh puleeze. You’re getting foam on my screen

          • You would be surprised at how little our money going to Ottawa is spent on roads, bridges, sewers, HC and stuff that benefits us.

            Most goes to bailouts, inflated buddy contracts, grants of money for nothing, zero return social assistance, provincial and corporate welfare and of course, excessive union wages and pension bailouts for politicians and unions.

            In reality, we live in a system where modern day taxation has become modern day slavery. As there are no options on the ballot to reduce taxes and increase efficiencies. Only results of any ballot vote is who gets to take more of your money and do less for you.

          • Emily,
            I think the point of his comment was that various Levels of Government seem intent on making success as difficult as possible. I don’t believe it is intentional of course…but that’s what happens when Beaurocrats have input into entrepreneurship.

          • Oh, its intentional. Government will grow as big and consumptive as people let them. Back room people who buy politicians and we fund government, enjoy the taxpayers cash going their way.

            If too many self disciplined people like me get the most value liberty of them all, economic liberty, then some of will no longer work like tax slaves. Seriously, the idea is to keep people working hard for the government and keeping people working poor makes them work longer.

          • Agreed, the three impediments to wealth in order are:

            1) Don’t have the right attitude/ideas and missing one or more of self discipline, realistic and pragmatic thinking.

            2) Government, the most expensive item any any productive persons life.

            3) Banks and excessive debt but also related to self discipline and pragmatic things as no debt should be incurred without a solid plan to eliminate the debt.

            Not too many self made people have debt. I have been debt free in 1992 and was 35 with a mortgage free home, put all the OT and good times into fast mortgage reduction.

            Ever since the would have been mortgage account went into my early retirement investments TFSA/RRSP and Cash accounts.

            But I would be a whole lot wealthier if I wasn’t excessively taxed in supporting government waste, bailouts, debt and corruption. Taxes do make it more difficult.

          • Please note: I do not support Dave777 and his wacko economic theories.

          • Emily,
            I don’t agree with all of Dave777’s theories….but I think the point he is trying to make, is that you need to look after yourself…and not trust a Government to do it.
            Good advice….but don’t let the NDP’ers hear about it. they’d be shattered.

          • Government is not the most expensive item in anyone’s life. Housing, followed by transportation are the two most expensive things Get off your taxes are slavery sob-story, not buying it.

          • Actually, I pay more in income tax alone than I do on housing and transportation combined. That doesn’t include property tax, or sales tax. So you are very wrong.

          • Your comment is ridiculous. Obviously you have no clue how important businesses are to this province. They’re the ones that create jobs, grow the economy, and provide revenue to this criminal government. The government’s job is provide an environment where businesses can create jobs. Not inhibit them with red tape and paperwork.

            Do you really think Ontario can compete with other jurisdictions with an attitude of “well, fine, if you don’t want to fill out hundreds of hours of paperwork, don’t open your business!” ? Absurb. Liberals like you currently run this province and are the reason we have 600,000 men and women unemployed.

          • Mmm another bumper sticker philosopher.

            Save the campaigning for the election.

          • And I hope you save your business killing philosophies for the lunch room and never run for politics. We have enough of those as it is.

          • I spent 10 years in politics winning every time….and I run a successful business right now….

            Stop regurgitating rightwing crap

          • I’ll regurgitate whatever I want. It’s called free speech. But then, being left wing, you wouldn’t believe in that.

          • No, it’s called stupid speech

            Sorry, never been left wing.

          • So “rightwing” is “crap” but you’re not left wing? What other wing is there? What people like you who have no vaild argument do is start throwing out insults, as you did by calling my rhetoric “stupid speech.” Keep it up.

          • Right and left are both crap. You are simply reciting old Cold War rhetoric.

            Lose the chip.

          • Is your wife buying this?

          • Yep, employment EI/CPP and insurances drive up the complexity and can end up costing small business. There is a lot more to an employee than net wages….. You have to get at least 100% gross profit every day (or better) from an employee or don’t hire.

            It also drives up costs and you could get fewer customers.

            Just one of the ways government impedes business, reduces jobs and increases our costs of living.

          • They figured the opportunity cost of dealing with the regulations wasn’t worth the 50, 100, $200,000 a year they were netting. Yeah right…lol…unless they were already millionaires

          • Al Gore said he created the internet.
            Are you saying he lies?

          • Yep. In fact, I am not sure if he knows how to tell the truth.

          • Yep, just too many regs that even their own government people don’t understand. But they sure know the tax and fee greed prety good.

            Too much government is non-value added consumption, inefficiency and waste. Trouble is to serve the people means a lot less government and a conflict of interest, government makes the rules.

            Until Ontario can for a year, balance the budget and reduce taxes say by 18% there will be no sustained recovery. And that means government has to downsize.

            Doesn’t mater which party it is, they will not change reality as reality always wins. When I left my birth community in Ontario in 1980, people wanted government to fix the economy. Not only are they still waiting, its worse.

      • Because our govt is anti-science and anti-intellectual…..and pushes Canadians into ship-building, trade-training, and the tar sands. All old tech.

        • We all know Canada will excel in the global economy as a nation of carpenters and plumbers fixing the homes of boomers

          edit: nothing against carpenters or plumbers, but as the cornerstone of an economic policy, it’s absolutely idiotic

          • LOL yup, that’s the ticket. Let others make new discoveries and go to the moon…..we’ll concentrate on toilets and wood rot.

          • Its more productive than a government chair mushroom.

            People who work and produce stuff people want is what makes any civilization work. Everyone can’t be government consumption or we would starve.

        • Clearly,
          You have never seen a modern ship. Nothing OLD TECH about it.
          same with the oil sands…..pretty technical
          Trades training…..pretty technical in many cases.
          does anyone else find it amusing that Emily seems so preoccupied with trades? Particularly when EVERYONE who does what Emily does for a living…could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice?
          Try that with the trades, ship building, or oil sands development. If it was to disappear…it would be felt immediately, and profoundly.
          What would happen if your toilet malfunctions, Emily?
          Will you call a plumber to fix it…..or will you simply spew your waste in a similar manner you spew your ridiculous opinions online?

        • Long over due and probably too little too late.

          Biggest reason we have economic problems is governemtn consumption far exceeds the productive capacity of the economy.

          Taxation has cut the grass so low it doesn’t grow well any more.

          Roman Empire tried to run governemtn on academic, lawyers, statesman, consumption jobs and failed from bad economic policy of fraud. Society needs productive people to make it work.

          • Please note: I don’t support Dave777 and his wacko economic theories.

      • because the military like toys and have access to a huge part of the public purse to spend on such stuff. Also the US is not that worried that thousands die every month because they can’t afford health care insurance. It’s amazing that when your focus is on killing and not helping the most vulnerable how much cash becomes available for gimmicks.

        • Those crazy military folks. What are they good for other than:
          Stopping Hitler
          Defending the country
          providing aid to Toronto whenever it snows heavily
          Search and Rescue
          humanitarian assistance to disaster areas…..
          yeah….who needs them.
          (Clearly, you are NDP)

          • Classic rightwing misinterpretation and ignoring of the context in which the statement was made. This was the question:
            “Do you ever wonder why cool things like drones, nanotechnology and google cars are invented and nourished in US while here in Canada we look on in jealousy?”
            Okay then:
            The US military and its allies did stop Hitler but it was a country wide effort and included the draft and initially non-military volunteers. So it could hardly be said to be the professional military who did that.
            The US military provided Toronto with help in the snow? I don’t think so.
            The US military provides search and rescue in Canada, or is that volunteer Canadian SAR outfits working with others?
            Wow that US military sure does a lot for Canadians and you never see any of it in the papers.
            Try and read the thread before making an A$$ out of yourself

          • Maybe if you’re going to claim that your comment was taken out of context, you should actually provide that context ahead of time instead of having to try to go back in time and pretend your comment was made in a context in which it wasn’t. #fail

          • I did in the first and second paragraphs of my reply.

            I realise I caught you in a lie a while back and that was the source of some embarrassment for you, but your repeated tantrums in response are somewhat weird.

          • You’re still lying.

          • Get help for your reading, stupie! I guarantee your quality of life will be vastly improved.

            “Do you ever wonder why cool things like drones, nanotechnology and google cars are invented and nourished in US

          • Nope, I don’t wonder, I know. Because Canada is a dysfunctional and unsustainable economy of government bloat and debt fraud. Poor work ethics, lazy whiners and union rant all deteriorate the system into NDP other peoples money bickering.

            And in the USA it is easier to fire the unproductive.

          • You might want to see if you can get a package deal on the reading skills program with NotRick.
            Though I realize you’re probably not so much reading other comments as looking for opportunities to spam the comments with your insipid “government is bad!” boilerplate.

          • Only one of us has been shown to be a liar Tricky and it wasn’t me

          • The context is right there in black and white, stupie.
            You really have to do something about your reading comprehension problem.

          • Hey troll, your moron mom is calling. It’s time for your feeding and watering.

          • There, there. I know you’re angry, but you’ll thank me if you ever take my advice.
            Imagine casting off the fog and confusion that envelopes your mind when you try to read the comments here!

          • harebell……..if you want us to believe your disdain for anything military only applies to one country……
            It’s not working.
            We also spend money on the military….for many of the same items the US spends money on. In fact, much of our military gear comes from the US…
            Ever seen a Hercules Aircraft? What about a Globemaster?
            Who makes them?

          • Obviously they’re made by Santa Clause. And we all know he’s as Canadian as apple pie.

          • Well as someone who has worn a uniform in the past i guess you’d be wrong there. I actually hail form a military family.
            Classic right wing tactics – invent rubbish to boost your argument even though you have nothing to base it on. Just like all your other posts.
            And yes I was talking about drones and nano technology, the last time I looked the Herc and the globemaster weren’t those.

            I realise reality is beyond you James but when Rick starts supporting you it isn’t a good sign.

          • harebell….if you ever wore a Uniform, I’m sure it said, “Welcome to Wendy’s…my name is harebell”
            As for inventing rubbish….sorry, I just recycled your opinion and offered a comment.

          • Considering the source and given your past record, your being sure is certainly far from that. My honourable discharge sits snugly in my portfolio.
            As for the rest, if you are playing to the crowd, your crowd consists only of Omen and I think even you could do better.

        • Yep, no shortage of money for defective F35s, rusty subs, inflated war ship building contracts, buddy bailouts, union and bank bailouts on the backs of taxpayers.

          But they get awful stingy when it comes time to return value to the people who have/are paying for it.

          Government has become a back room business to deceive people out of their money. Its why almost all of our politicians end up being liars in the end, its about goverment back room greed and the illusion that big government works for us. We don’t control government, government controls us an our rigged ballots assure only one result, who gets more of our money to do less for us than ever before. No less government less taxes option on any ballot in the land. That isn’t democracy, thats the ruse of a statism rigged ballot of economic slavery.

      • Yep, in the US its more profitable, more stable, less cost of living to reduce wage pressures….

        Even Alexander Graham Bell went to the USA as we have too much dysfunctional government and a population that accepts too much statism.

      • Because greedy Canadians head to the land of sour milk and polluted honey……….USA of fascism. Money being there only concern.

    • He certainly had no idea what he was going to cut when he ran for premier, merely saying he was going to “go over everything” “with a fine tooth comb”. this from a guy whose entire adult life has been spent in government, currently in his 24th year of being an MP. Apparently NONE of it spent looking for things to cut, but knowing they exist.

      • Ever notice how governments cut the 25% of what we want and benefits us but ignores the 75% waste and government bloat that doesn’t benefit us?

        • I have no idea what you’re talking about. which makes two of us.

          • Ha !…
            gotta admit it……that was a good one. :)

  2. When it comes to economic management and job creation, all Neo-Cons, including Hudak, are (at most) three-trick ponies: “cut taxes, deregulate, demonize and neuter organized labour”.

    If you look behind the curtain, that’s pretty much all there ever is with these deep thinkers.

    • Adam Smith – Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.

      • Adam Smith wrote that in 1776….when his country consisted of farmers and small merchants

        The US was in the same shape, and with slaves to boot

        • wiki – The Miracle on the Han River is a term used to refer to South Korea’s postwar export-fueled economic growth, including rapid industrialization, technological achievement, education boom, large rise in living standards, rapid urbanization, skyscraper boom,modernization, successful hosting of the 1988 Summer Olympics and co-hosting of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

          This growth was accompanied by a democratization and globalization that transformed the country from the destruction of the Korean War to a wealthy and developed country with a globally influential economy and prominent multinational conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai-Kia.

          • We are no longer ‘post-war’ either. That was last century.

          • So are you; what’s your point? Do good (or bad) ideas have expiration dates?

          • Simplistic ideas based on knowledge derived 250 years ago, quoted as if they were and needed the same level of evidence as the bible, screams mindless partisan.

          • I was just taking a shot at Emily. She likes to take empty pot shots at people, trying to look clever while saying nothing. So I occasionally pop her balloon. Wasn’t a comment on the wisdom (or lack thereof) or even the applicability of Tony’s [Hester’s] quotes …

          • When you cite mindless partisanship, what party are you referring to?

          • Pythagorean Theorum – 570 BC
            Calculus – approx. 408 BC
            Farming – 15,000 to 10,000 BC.
            yep…that old crap is useless.

          • So…the war that ended hasn’t hapened yet?

          • Hester…….don’t get into economics with Emily.
            You’ll just confuse her.

        • yes,
          Because as we all know….commerce, industry, and entrepreneurship is only a recent development with no applicable comparison to the folks of a couple hundred years ago.
          Emily… 1776…what was 2 + 2 ?
          It’s been 238 years now…..surely, it can’t be the same today?
          (methinks you have been doing too much global analyst stuff…maybe it’s time for a break)

        • Yep, today we are economic slaves of state. It has evolved from ownership to taxation. After all, Harpers and other politicians statements of “…it costs government…” means government considers us slaves and our income is really theirs.

          As the reality is, it doesn’t’ cost government anything, they are consumers of taxpayers wealth that think they own us.

          • Please note: I don’t support Dave777 or any of his wacko economic theories.

          • Please note: nobody cares. You’re just another Liberal shill, your thoughts on economics are irrelevant because they always end with gift-cards for the poor, and everybody’s poor.

          • LOL finally admitting you lost now eh?

            Harp’s office must be in turmoil if they’re not getting the memos out.

      • Too bad Neo-Cons habitually ignore the “peace…and a tolerable administration of justice” parts of Smith’s simplistic little dictum.

        • shhhhh go back to your long sleep the liberal will soon be removed and you will need to have a job again

          • If “the liberal will soon be removed”, there’s scant evidence that Hudak will be the one to do it.

          • LOL i really do hate to point to polls but theres ‘some scant evidence’ there. but the election in may will confirm that :)

          • Yup…”scant” is the operative word.

    • “cut taxes, deregulate, demonize and neuter organized labour”

      Imagine that. Making it easier and less costly to hire people results in more jobs. What sorcery is this?

      • Thank you. Sorcery is a very apt term.

        It’s ideology, not scientific economics, and (like sorcery) completely lacking in empirical validation.

      • So, you’re saying that the decimation of some segments of the labour market is a function of costs? What costs have gone up over the last 5-10 years that have hindered the hiring of people under 55 and people, especially under the age of 25, who are typically the cheapest employees?

        • Minimum wage went up from 6.85 in 2004 to 10.25 in 2010.

          You asked.

          • So what kind of business has a business plan that depends on minimum wage employees never getting an increase? I guess business associations who spend a lot of money lobbying governments to not increase the minimum wage.

          • no, businesses only make money if minimum wage employees have their wages eaten away by inflation … ;) sounds like we’ve got some smart business people in this country … then again, perhaps that’s right, anything other than the oil and gas sector seems to do best when the dollar is worth a peso … maybe we just need to cut autoworker/manufacturing wages down to $12 an hour

        • Energy costs have doubled due to the Liberals failed green energy policies.

      • Leaves more money in taxpayers pockets to employ people doing constructive things. Government is about consumption and reducing taxpayers wealth, and little value to most of our money they spend.

        Note how no real tangible efforts are made in the reduction of cost of governemtn, efficiency and reductions of debt/taxes. Only government can without consent in-debt you, your kids, and grand kids.

        Governemtn wages and benmefits should be fixed at 95% of market value and the 5% is for security of the job. So if the union greedy want raises, better do a better job for the public to get them raises. Or that is the way it should be. But how it really works is tax the slaves some more so government doesn’t have to live with the economic problems it creates.

    • How could you forget the 22% welfare cuts, neuroticdog?

      You know, the thing that actually sparked all those people to go out and get jobs? Just like Harris said it would?

      • “All those people“??

        My now, there’s an utterly ridiculous claim, unsupported by a single shred of evidence.

      • The general upturn in the global economy, after the slump that had preceded Harris’ election over Rae, had nothing to do with it, I suppose?

      • Funny, out here when Campbell decided to crack down on supposed welfare cheats and mentally ill on provincial disability we ended up with a noticeable increase on people living on the street.

      • You should be the leader – just shut down social services – and – BOOM – you gots your people working – bada boom, bada bing!

    • So instead of “cut taxes, deregulate, demonize and neuter organized labour” am I to assume you’re remedy for creating new jobs would be to “raise taxes, increase regulation, and praise and empower organized labour”?

      Can you please explain to me how higher taxes will create jobs? Or increasing regulation will create jobs? Or having more unionized employees pushing employers out of the province will create jobs?

      • Nope, that’s not my “remedy”. Once again, you deliberately distort a comment in order to “refute” it. You wouldn’t be such a waste of time and bandwidth if you took a course in formal logic and actually applied its principles once in a while in your own inane contributions. Your debating skills are juvenile.

        • So you’re simply slagging other people’s ideas without having any ideas of your own. If you’re satisfied with the current situation of growing deficits and fewer jobs, just say so.

          • Hey, Hudak’s the one trying to get himself elected, not me. He’s purveying the same tired old Neo-Con ideological nostrums that wore out Harris’s welcome in Ontario over a decade ago and are sinking Harper’s boat now..

          • Well currently Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have been perusing the “raise taxes, increase regulation, and praise and empower organized labour” route for the last decade, and that’s proving to be an abysmal failure.

            Perhaps you could look at the evidence that clearly shows that their approach has failed miserably. Hudak will try something other than repeating the failed policies of the Liberals, which you seem quite happy to support.

          • I never said anything at all about Wynne. Why would you assume I’m “quite happy to support” her?

            You really do seem to struggle with comprehension and basic logic.

          • LOL Okay, so you call the Tories “deep thinkers” and then you can’t get yourself to come up with a single job creation strategy, and you don’t support current efforts in that regard, but you still don’t support the policies of the only party who’s offering up alternatives.

            I guess I’ll just assume you’ll have whatever progress anybody suggests and continue to be grumpy and not know why.

          • They aren’t ‘alternatives’…..we’ve been through them all before.

          • I wouldn’t call Hudak’s latest policy du jour “progress”. I suspect I’ll be joined in that regard by a majority of voters in Ontario when the election finally transpires.

          • You don’t even know what you’d define as progress. You’re simply wearing your partisan blinkers and will faithfully vote for the crooked Liberals because thinking critically scares you.

            You think that increasing deficits while increasing taxes is a sustainable way to run the province. It’s not. You Liberals are completely out of ideas and your time has come.

          • Wrong, again. And also little arrogant of you, deigning to tell someone you’ve never even met what they think. You’re not one of the pimple-faced frat boys in the PMO (are you?) and I’m not a trembling, pliant member of the Con caucus, so don’t presume to tell me what I think, thanks.

          • I don’t think he’s trying to TELL you what to think; so much as he’s simply asking you to.

          • Then perhaps he shouldn’t preface his remarks with, “You think…” If that’s not arrogant presumption, then it’s careless use of language.

          • Okay so you call the Liberals an “abysmal failure”, so I’ll assume what you’re saying is you think the unemployed should be rendered for pet food?

            That’s disgusting, NotRick, but just what I’d expect from you.

          • The Liberals have been an abysmal failure. Deficits climbing with higher taxes, and jobs leaving the province. How much more evidence of failure do you need? Do you think that raising taxes with increasing deficits and fewer jobs is sustainable? Of course not. But Wynne and the Liberals don’t have any plans to fix any of that, just keep on doing what they’re doing and buying elections.

          • So what you’re saying is that you want to feed the poor to farm animals because you’ve invested money in human-to-animal feed technology and you stand to make a lot of money?
            Who care if they get eaten as long as NotRick gets his money. That’s your motto, right?

          • And no, the unemployed should have jobs available to them. That’s kinda Hudak’s point. Whereas Wynne is more than happy to keep all the unemployed people on unemployment insurance so that she can buy their votes with a $100 gift card.

            What I find disgusting is that people like you and the Liberals are more than happy with increasing numbers of unemployed in Ontario, and don’t seem to think that’s a problem. Why do you not believe the unemployed should have the opportunity to work?

            Who cares about the economy as long as the Liberals are in power. That’s their motto, right?

          • I guess your solution to giving those people jobs is that if there is a $2 an hour job for them, that qualifies. That’s what Hudak & co want.

          • Well, there’s a minimum wage, genius. And it’s much higher than $2/hr.

            I suppose you wouldn’t have anybody take a job that pays less than $100k/yr, right? Why do Liberals think everybody should be handed everything on a silver platter.

            Out here in the real world people have to work their way up. it’s not always easy, but it’s not supposed to be easy.

            You’d rather have people on unemployment insurance and welfare for eternity than have anybody have to work a minimum wage job? No wonder Liberals can’t manage the economy. And no wonder the Liberals don’t have any plan for job creation, they think jobs are a bad thing.

          • “LOL Okay, so you call the Tories “deep thinkers” and then you can’t get yourself to come up with a single job creation strategy, and you don’t support current efforts in that regard, but you still don’t support the policies of the only party who’s offering up alternatives.”

            I nominate this for today’s Stupidest Comment on the Internet.

          • Wait until Rick’s next comment and you’ll have to revise your views on that.

          • Ohhhhhhh!!!!! You really burned me there!!!! Where do you get your incredible wit?!?!

          • Unfortunately it wasn’t funny, it was a statement of fact.

          • You just keep getting better and better. What next “I know you are but what am I?”

          • I’m trying to stay at a level that I feel you may understand… clearly I’m aiming too high.

          • Yes. You’re really demonstrating what a brilliant intellect you are. I’m waiting for you start with the fart jokes.

          • I think recess is over

          • Oh my god, you were so right!

          • I claim no special knowledge in this area, just experience.
            You can never go wrong if you assume the average CPoC talking point regurgitator and fanboy is dumber than a mollusc and then take it two or three notches below that.

          • …and your advice continues to pay off! Where does he have to go after “circle jerk”??? Let’s watch!

          • That oldie but goldie “Libtard” hasn’t seen the light of day for a while

          • A classic. Like throwing the chess… er… checkers board before the game even begins.

          • People only need to hear Justin Trudeau speak once to know that Liberals are retards.

          • OMG LOL FTW You Go Girl! Do you guys hold weekly circle jerks where you come up with brilliant ways you to reaffirm each others vapid stupidity, or does this crap just come natural to you?

          • I nominate you for the biggest idiot of all time on the internet.

          • He’ll repeat the failed policies of the Cons.

          • Give me a real alternative to Wynne – please! It’s time for a change in government, but Hudak ain’t it. Maybe it’s time to go NDP – at least until the other two parties shake themselves out and shape themselves up.

          • I’m from BC and don’t pretend to follow Ontaria politics closely, but is Hudak the best leader the Conservatives can come up with – seriously?

          • you seem worried seeing how its a Monday afternoon and your not working, only posting on a mchleans site..

          • I’m not worried in the least. “[P]osting on a mchleans [sic] site” is one of my guilty pleasures in retirement. What’s your excuse for being equally shiftless on a Monday afternoon?

          • thanks for asking! im 24 working on my second degree (paid for my self no OSAP ;) ) and i also own my own business. i see in retirement you have turned to hate lies and narcissism to fill your time, pity…

          • I see you’ve got a good education but never let it go to your head.

            And you’re right: I do “hate lies and narcissism”. Thanks for noticing.

          • How DO you find time for the paperwork? And just a tip from another retiree – bitter is no way to go through life.

          • Rick,
            Don’t waste too much of your time trying to explain it to them.
            Frankly, if they don’t see that giving people money for nothing….only ensures you will find more people willing to take it.
            As the saying goes…….what happens when you feed poor people?
            You get more of them.

          • You’d think they might have learned that from Kathleen Wynne’s public gift-card bribe. All it did was expose the welfare fraud that’s perpetrated by Liberal governments. And anybody who doesn’t believe that would then be forced to acknowledge that Toronto’s full of people who are too stupid to figure out how to keep their food frozen when there’s literally ice falling from the sky.

    • you seem worried seeing how its a Monday afternoon and your not working, only posting on a macleans site………………

      • And you are repeating yourself. Get help.

        • im making a point you have to much time on your hands

          • Obviously…I’m wasting it on you.

          • These people aren’t very good at reading between the lines. They’re Liberals, they’re not that bright.

        • but being a ‘somebody’ on a comments list in a magazine is a good waste of time i suppose!

          • Whatever fills your boots. Does your mom know how you’re wasting all that education down there in her basement?

          • How are you liking it so far?

    • Remember when Harper promised “no deficit” if you voted for him?
      I’d put this in the same sack marked “Lies the right will tell you just to get elected, but will forget about once in office.”
      I also notice that the same fools who criticise Trudeau for having nothing of substance to say will accept this as an in depth policy statement.

      • I see you’ve got nothing to say about Hudak’s plan, other than trying to deflect to Harper (we call this Harper Derangement Syndrome in the medical field).

        How do you feel about Wynne’s lies about the gas plants? That was a $1B lie that could have been used to create jobs. Instead it went to saving 2 Liberals jobs.

        • Hudak doesn’t have a plan – he has a wish.

          • So is it “cut taxes, deregulate, demonize and neuter organized labour”, or is it a wish?

            Oh wait, you haven’t actually read a single thing about the plan because you’re too busy defending the lies, corruption and theft of Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

            Now go back to your Liberal circle-jerk, loser.

          • It’s a wish. I’m keeping this simple but it doesn’t seem to help when one is dealing with a partisan.

          • The problem is that you can’t keep it simple enough for this guy.

          • I know, but I’m not one to give up easily, but I’m getting near that point.

          • Oh right, I forgot being a left-wing loon makes one “non-partisan”.

          • Just because I’m to the left of you doesn’t make me a leftist partisan, it just mean that I am to the left of you.

          • And I’m a centrist, so that makes you a leftist. It’s not rocket science.

          • It’s encouraging to learn that the vast majority of Canadians are leftists.
            Thanks, stupie!

          • Bwa ha ha
            You’re a Harper groupie that makes you a Tea Party wingnut.

    • Well…it happens to work.
      Why change something that’s proven efficient?

      • There’s no objective evidence it’s worked in any jurisdiction where it’s been government mantra.

        • The only person who says it’s the PC’s mantra are Liberals and brain-dead Dippers.

          But either way, it’s better than the Liberals mantra of “Lie, steal, cheat, screw taxpayers and put all the burden on rural voters in order to win downtown Toronto seats in an election”.

          • It’s not just the Ontario PC mantra – it’s the mantra of the federal PC and neo-con parties like it throughout the developed world. It’s never worked (for anyone but the 1%) anywhere it’s been tried, if you consider that virtually every government that has implemented some version of it has left major debt and deficit behind by the time they were kicked out of office.

            It’s a half-baked theory and a matter of faith whose adherents have yet to produce objective, credible economic evidence that it actually works in the real world.

            If you have such evidence, let’s see it.

          • Actually after Reagan and Thatcher, both countries enjoyed economic boom times.

            And how do you explain the record deficits and debts that Trudeau left behind, which current governments are still having to deal with? Was he too reducing taxes, regulation, and organized labour?

            And again, since you’re criticizing the theory, what would you replace it with? Again, higher taxes, unnecessary red tape, and unions running rough-shod over taxpayers.

            I’ll take lower taxes, less regulation, and fewer unions hands in my pockets, thank you very much.

          • Thatcher: I lived in England then and really got a high seeing the beggars on the streets, watching the winners wiz by in their new fancy cars. Regan: Mr Deregulate is directly responsible for the real estate crash of 2008 because no one could find where all the risky investments were.

          • Reagan left a deficit, massive in its day, from which that country didn’t recover until Clinton’s administration. Thatcher avoided crippling debt thanks only to the North Sea oil boom but, nonetheless, left a legacy of regional unemployment and inner city blight from which the UK still hasn’t recovered.

            What would I do? Thanks for asking. It wouldn’t be a policy blindly driven by ideology but, hopefully, by pragmatism. For example, I see a desperate and long overdue need for infrastructure renewal in transportation, municipal utilities, communication, and climate mitigation/ abatement controls (e.g., watercourse management). These would stimulate demand for a variety of skilled trades and professions and, strategically targeted, would be sound business investments.

            IMO, this is sound public administration, not “socialism” or neo-con capitalism, or any other kind of “ism”.

          • Okay, but how are you going to pay for a massive infrastructure investment? Ontario’s already running massive deficits. Am I to assume you’d just run bigger deficits, or you’d have an across the board tax increase?

            Or is this one of those magical Liberal investments where the money’s going to come out of thin air?

          • I’m not an expert in public finance. I presume an innovative mix of targeted (dedicated) taxes, public debentures, tolls, user fees, licenses, etc., would have to be applied.

            We incurred staggering debt to finance a massive (for a small population) war effort during the 1940s and came out of it the following decade into one of the most economically buoyant eras in modern history. Such expenditures aren’t only public debt; they’re also investments in which equity is built and from which business indirectly benefits.

  3. Same old promises of miracles and magic….cut taxes, fire people, get more factories, do more trade-training, bring in more immigrants, pay workers less….how many times are we going on that merry-go-round?

    • you seem worried seeing how its a Monday afternoon and your not working, only posting on a mchleans site

      • Nothing original, eh?

        • naw just making a point people not working on a monday afternoon have to much time on there hands :D

  4. This would be more useful if Moffatt told us how many people were living in Ont thirty years ago – 85,000 new jobs then might be same as 125,000 new jobs today as % of population. But I guess we don’t want to discourage Moffatt from writing on topics when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Also, are government jobs considered in these employment figures or are only proper jobs in private sector counted? I don’t think it would be too hard at all for Premier to create million new jobs if parasites in public sector are included as jobs.

      • You would be in trouble without Wikipedia, no?

      • Thanks for numbers. There were 8.2 million people in Ont in 1976 and 13.5 m in 2012. This article might be useful if moffatt considered population of prov.

        • Not really. Neither the leader nor the party makes any difference to the economy. It’s the times.

          A good leader otherwise, can hit a recession, a bad leader otherwise, can run into a boom. Very few leaders have ever been right for their time.

          The premier of Ontario doesn’t determine the economy of Ontario.

          The PM of Canada doesn’t determine the economy of the country.

          The economy is far too big, and vastly more complicated than one small location.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Oh look – a bot! And one that can’t spell, to boot!

          • Emily,
            If you truly believe that….then why do you even vote?
            The people who form government, make the policies that determine the way ahead for a province or country.
            Wynne and the LIberals have been un unmitigaged disaster. That is what happens when incompetent people hold power.
            I can’t believe it……but I miss Bob Rae.
            He was an economic genius compared to the idiots in the LIberal party.

    • I encourage you to buy yourself a plot of Crown land where you can enact your anti-social fantasies to the nth degree. You can live day to day hunting and gathering. But you have to fashion your own weapons and can bring literally nothing with you because literally everything a society creates benefits in some way from government: whether through subsidies, infrastructure, educated workforce, legal system, political stability, protection from external/internal threats, etc. But of course you’re not going to do that. You prefer to live off the public teet in the fantasy land you’ve created where you benefit in no way from the public teet and if only government didn’t exist, or was next to non-existent, you’d be rich.

    • Not talented enough to get one?

  5. Of the 30 periods in our chart, Ontario only added a million net jobs in
    four of them: 1994-2002, 1995-2003, 1996-2004 and 1997-2005

    Where have you gone Mike Harris? A province turns its lonely eyes to you…

    • No, it does not.

      • I think that the people, as opposed to the Tory entitled, learned a lot about the likes of Hudak. Go ahead, see what they do when Hudak’s plan of wishful thinki9ng is in tatters and they are reminded of what Tory policy is all about.

        • Agreed. We don’t need any more Ipperwash/Walkerton thinking….or the later public tax support for all religious schools.

          Hudak is anti-union in a union province and he’ll magically produce a million jobs out of thin air…..only a Con would buy this nonsense.

          • Funny how all the jobs in a “union province” are union jobs. But I’m sure Kathleen Wynne will come up with a brilliant plan to hand out gift-cards for jobs to everybody who promises to vote Liberal.

          • Not everybody is union by any means, but an industrial economy has unions….simple as that.

            And union members vote.

          • And it’s pretty clear that voting Liberal and NDP worked out well for the union members who’s jobs are disappearing daily.

          • Yup, union jobs disappear in de-industrialization…no matter the location.

            But union people aren’t likely to vote for an openly anti-union leader, Rick. Use your head.

          • I’m not saying that union people are likely to vote for an anti-union leader. I’m saying maybe they should be because it would likely have better results for them than this group of crooks who are all about sucking up to the unions while at the same time all about driving jobs out of the province. It’s easy to promise unions the moon when you know damn well all their jobs will be gone soon anyway.

          • Yada yada….you were so sure the last time too, but unions aren’t likely to vote for someone openly anti-union.

          • Let me repeat myself. I’m not saying it’s likely.

            I’m saying they SHOULD.

          • Yaaas….I’m sure union people would want to vote anti-union because you think they should. LOL

    • I thought that section was gibberish. That’s one time period 1994-2005, and then claims between 98-06 we were close but not quite there for job createion and then writes we supposedly created 995.5 million net jobs between 1982-90, which seems significantly more than I would have thought.

      • you seem worried seeing how its a Monday afternoon and your not working, only posting on a mchleans site

  6. How about the rise in temporary/short-week contracts in industries where full time stable employment was the norm? But in politician parlance a job is a job unless it’s THEIR job in which case it is damn well full time, well paid and pensionable.

    • Are you saying that 1,000,000 new part-time jobs would be a bad thing?

      • Your suggesting it’s a positive thing?

        • Yes. 1,000,000 new part time jobs would be a very good thing. How would it be a bad thing?

          • Good for students maybe, but if you need full-time wages to survive it kinda sucks. You either have a million underemployed, or a bunch of people scrambling between jobs trying to get compatible schedules and having a helluva time making ends meet. While paying more for transportation between jobs (so less left for the family, and more pollution, accidents, higher insurance…).
            Better than starving, I guess – but not exactly conducive to a decent lifestyle, and a sure sign we’re on a race to the bottom.

          • Yes, part time jobs are good for lots of people, including students, and new parents who might want to just work part time, or people looking to supplement their full time jobs.

            The point is that 1,000,000 new part time jobs is better than 0 new jobs, isn’t it? Kathleen Wynne has no plan to create any jobs, part-time or full-time.

            It’s not rocket science. Sure the taxpayer can keep people afloat with gift cards whenever Kathleen Wynne feels like a photo-op, but that’s no way to grow an economy that’s borrowing more money than it’s taking in, while increasing taxes and losing jobs to other jurisdictions.

            But go on, keep talking about how Tim Hudak’s plan to create jobs won’t create 1,000,000 new $100,000/yr jobs as if that makes his plan somehow inferior to Wynne’s gift-card program.

          • Given the choice between 1,000,000 part-time jobs or significantly less full-time, living-wage jobs (and no, not talking six digits by any stretch) with a future and benefits, I’d settle for the latter.

            Not a fan of Wynne and think the Libs are past their best-before date… but I’m not seeing much in the way of alternatives. Hudak holds no promise; he’s a cardboard cutout with copycat Tea Party policies. Horwath I like, but not sure I want the NDP in charge.

            So in short, I’m at a loss at to who I’ll vote for next time. I do like my current MPP (who is NDP) so maybe I’ll vote for the person rather than the party and hope it all works out.

          • Take one and find out for yourself.

          • Why would I take a worse job than I have now? I’m not suggesting that people take worse jobs, I’m simply pointing out that having a minimum wage job is better than having no job at all. Or do you disagree with that also?

          • Rick,
            I think they point they are all missing is that jobs can only be created by business…….but the Wynne Liberals have done everything in their power to make it difficult to run one in this province….power costs are just one aspect of it.
            That is the part they don’t understand.

          • You mean Wynne can’t just hand out gift cards for free high-paying jobs to everybody who promises to vote Liberal? Maybe they can call in the army and get them to give the people jobs, no?

      • If that is what I meant to say, I would have said it.

  7. This is meaningless, comparing 1977 to 2013. Should be percentage of employable. Population and demographics have changed significantly over this period.

  8. Huey P. Hudak. All he needs is white suit and a catchy jingle….

  9. The promise of “jobs” is perhaps the dumbest a politician can utter. Well, the second-dumbest. The dumbest would be the promise of a specific number of jobs. Hudak is two for two. I really want the Conservatives to unseat the Liberals, but this silly bugger is setting himself up to fail, as has every PC leader since Harris.

  10. I find it utterly hypocritical of the Liberals and some Dippers here who constantly bemoan the personal attack style of politics who now appear to only be able to criticize Hudak’s personality. They can’t even criticize his plan to create jobs, because their leaders don’t have plans to create jobs, just spend more “revenue tools” and hand out more gift cards when a photo-op is needed.

    The Liberals have completely run out of ideas, all they have left is bribery and corruption to win votes. Unfortunately too many Liberal faithful are big fans of corruption and bribery.

    • We don’t think much of you either.

      • Good. The last thing I’d want is the respect and admiration of a pack of criminals and liars.

    • Strawman argument– this article and all of the comments are about the foolishness of Hudak’s political promise and the doubtfulness of it working.

  11. I’m not a fan of Tim Hudak to begin with……but boldly proclaiming you can create a MILLION jobs is just foolish on all fronts.
    Granted, Wynne and her incompetent, dishonest members have done so much harm to Ontario, I doubt we’ll be able to fix it within 30 years, let alone 8.

    • Hudak needs to hury to match Harris’ dismal record of class warfare, lousey infrastructure but massive wealth transfer to the well-heeled (Cons at the trough)

      • It would certainly be better than the way the Liberals have been screwing every single Ontarian for the last decade. The fact that the Liberals feel they need to hand out grocery gift cards to Ontarians is a pretty clear indication even they realize that they’ve bankrupted nearly everybody in the province with their failed economic policies.

  12. Creating a million minimum wage jobs is not difficult. Will this additional poor paying jobs help Ontarians? Let Hudak claim that the million dollar job will be at least $60k annually and that he is willing to pay an extra $1 million in taxes and repay his salaries if he fail to meet his commitment. We need politicians who are willing to put money down on their promises.

    • How about the thousands of jobs promised by the Liberals that were going to be created by alternate energy??

  13. Didn’t Harper & Co. gave business a $60 billion tax cut recently? Where are the jobs? How much more can the Ontario give?
    Regulations are there for a purpose …if the purpose no longer exist, the regulation can go. There is nothing to hold Hudak and Co from pointing out regulations that do serve their intended purpose. Why are they not doing it now?

  14. Myth:Government can create jobs
    Truth: Government can only inefficiently reallocate wealth

    If you takes $1 from 50,000 people to make a job, then 50,000 people will spend less on someone else’s job. tThe result is a drop in standard of living for 50,000 people as they get less for the $. Now multply this by 100s of thousands, or a million jobs as is suggested and also consider governemtn costs is purely consumptive to drive inefficiency even higher.

    Then what creates jobs? Simple, producing stuff people need/want, can afford and do it with profit/wages. Nothing else will do it.

    And people with less money (taxes) and lower value money will get less goods and services for less jobs. So government creating jobs is actually predatory on all jobs. It inflates prices too, and adds excessively high wage pressures and reduced economic viability.

    But hey, politicians love deception and a lie for false support of their idiocracy of government bloat and statism. Reason government can’t solve the problems is the bigger they get the worse it gets, their size and excessive non-value added consumption is the problem.

  15. I have not heard a single intelligent thing come out of Hudak’s mouth. Why would I suddenly trust him to make good on an outlandish-sounding promise?

    • How about he’s probably more trustworthy than Wynne at this moment.

  16. “Million Jobs Act”, short for “Million Jobs Act Like That’s Gonna Happen”.

  17. Its called dreaming in technicolour Hudak, but it puts you in league with Dalton and I won’t raise your taxes or Chretiens I’ll get rid of the GST. Question Sir, Why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot ?

  18. He’s a Crackpot!

  19. LoL, yet another “lying” Vote-buying scheme by the CONS.

  20. Tim Hudak, the man who will destroy union, strip the civil service of their cushy benefits, make sure only those he thinks worthy come to Ontario, strengthen the rights of business to operate in Ontario with lesser oversight. Yes, we will become the Alabama of the north.
    This from a ‘man???’ who has never worked a day in his life. He lived in Fort Erie in a position of privilege with parents who – had union jobs as teachers. His mother got him is jobs in high school. He worked as a Customs Officer at the Peace Bridge – another summer job that you get out of connections and privilege in Fort Erie. He got a job as a Walmart manager and worked in the Duty Free shop in Fort Erie. This is the sum of the working life of our would be Premier. The man who wants to turn Ontario upside down and give it a shake.

    People of Ontario – take a long hard look at his policies. Once union jobs are all but destroyed wages stagnate or fall and benefits will dry up, followed by all of pay cheques. His next step in this ‘right to work’ insanity will be to roll back or eliminate the minimum wage.

    Lets stop the want to be “Mike Harris” despot before he destroys all that Ontario stands for. By the way I do not work for nor am i in a union.