Who earns what: Canada's five top-expensing MPs

Who earns what: Canada’s five top-expensing MPs

A look at the five MPs who top the list for salaries plus expenses


In addition to their $163,700 paycheques, MPs earn extra for certain posts and sizeable expense accounts. Here are the five top-expensing MPs. See more salary comparisons in our full Who Earns What series.

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Who earns what: Canada’s five top-expensing MPs

  1. Boy, that’s a lot of bananas, I wonder what the poor people are doing?

    • The poor people are sending 10-40% of their paychecks to Ottawa to pay for all of that. We can probably excuse Fletcher, who requires 24-hour nursing care, and Mulcair, the Leader of the Opposition.

      • Slow down here man, Mulcair is a very poor manager of money, he is another pig at the taxpayers trough. This guy(tm)has a shady past with over mortgaging his homes a few time(like 8), so I wouldn’t call him a good manager of public funds. He(TM)would be no different than Harper when it comes to spending the taxpayers money. Tom Mulcair has 2 faces.