The Canadian Snowbirds of Detroit -

The Canadian Snowbirds of Detroit

Canadians still love snapping up cheap U.S. real estate, but we’ve traded Florida for Vegas and Detroit.


It’s no secret that Canadians have been buying a storm of real estate south of the border since the U.S. housing market collapsed. Many are snowbirds, who have long headed to the warm climates of Florida and Arizona.

But it seems we’re setting our sights elsewhere these days. The U.S. National Association of Realtors examined the cities that most interested Canadians who browed the real estate listing on its website. Turns out we’re really interested in buying property in Las Vegas and — of all places — Detroit.

Canadians now do more searches for real estate in those two cities, along with Los Angeles, than they do of properties in Florida, although we’re still big fans of the Sunshine state:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 6.47.25 PM

Maybe that’s because for less than the average price of a house in the Greater Toronto Area, you can buy this 6,000 sq.-ft., six-bedroom, six bathroom mansion in Detroit:

This Detroit mansion is on the market for $525,000 or less than the price of a typical house in the Toronto area. (

This Detroit mansion is on the market for $525,000 or less than the price of a typical house in the Greater Toronto Area. (

The full study on Canadian real estate habits in the U.S. can be found here.

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The Canadian Snowbirds of Detroit

  1. Not to long ago, you could buy “two”, or “three” decent houses/properties in Detroit, for the same price as “one” in Windsor, which tells you just how literally dirt-cheap real-estate in Detroit was/is still.
    But remeber, we’re talkin’ bout Detroit here -LoL, still though, it is slowly getting better -depending on your perspective of what “better” is.
    The really nice areas way outside of Detroit, gross pointe,…, are NOT cheap however.

  2. If USA ever opened up its borders to average law abiding Canadians, removed economic and INS roadblocks, unified health care as we paid and are extorted to stay here, watch as seniors, disabled, and others move out in droves.

    But not sure I would buy Detroit unless I saw the political changes needed. Debt-worshiping politics never has a good ending and history shows, once rot, corruption, deception take hold, its hard to eradicate it. Detroit isn’t likely to recover in anyones lifetime today. But it would be a cheap way to retire if USA had a pensionado program like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and parts of South America. As the fact is with CPP devaluing to real inflation, pathetic returns on investments on average, excessive tax inflated costs, Canada isn’t a nice place to be retired, disabled or lower incomes.