Charts: A Conservative plan to reduce the size of government

Direct program spending is on the decline


There is nothing hidden in the Conservative government’s agenda for reducing the size of the federal government. Federal government revenues fluctuated between 16 and 18 per cent of GDP in the 30 years before the Conservatives came to power. They have now been below 15 per cent of GDP for five years, and they are projected to remain that low for the next five years.


This is being accomplished by steadily reducing spending on federal government operations: transfers to individuals and to provinces continue to grow with the economy. Direct program spending has fallen steadily under the Conservatives. Moreover, the projected path of these reductions gets more aggressive with each budget.


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Charts: A Conservative plan to reduce the size of government

  1. Yeah, once the Conservative plan kicks it into high gear,the poor,veterans,coast guard,farmers, scientists, unemployed and everyone impacted by Conservative budgets will be grateful that the sacrifices they have been forced to make will accrue to the wealthy and corporations. It warms your heart that TFW’s program will enrich the feds to the tune of $2 BILLION all the while the feds enrich corporations to the tune of $37 BILLION.