International boom at Ontario's colleges (infographic)

International boom at Ontario colleges

Our infographic shows rapid but unequal growth in foreign student population



International boom at Ontario colleges

  1. A couple of reasons for this. Canadian taxpayers subsidize it, like slaves. Yes, they do charge foreigners more but it is still subsidized. Second issue is world economics, as G8/debtor nations lose value, the rest of the world is doing better. Largest source of self made wealth is now outside of the G8/debtor nations means more foreigners now have the money to put their kids through schools. And Canada is amongst the most lax entry requirements in the world.

    Add the these together, and it explains a lot of what is happening.

  2. For many college is a better choice than university. I have both but college is what gave me a living in a profession I enjoyed.

    There is a job shortage of consumption jobs like teachers, bureaucrats, arts, lawyers, and other net consumptive jobs.

    No shortage of production jobs though. Be it mining, HD mechanic, millwright, doctors, roofers, low end jobs TFWs are willing to work, or the top end international construction engineers…few job shortages exist.

    We are so embroiled and brainwashed into thinking the depression economics is world wide, but its not. Economic issues in the world center around debt-currency fraud countries like the G7. Lots of countries doing well like Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Asian countries…the LOW debt LESS govmint bloat economies.

    So rich send their kids here to get educations in productive professions, as they need people. I even went abroad and now have lived in 4 countries and visited many more, as PRODUCTIVE SKILLS are portable skills.

    Domestic kids should take the hint, not many International students in arts as there are engineering and science related. They think before they spend.