First Nations group takes Conservatives’ to court on education

Group opposes the government’s reworked plan for aboriginal education


OTTAWA – The Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador is requesting a judicial review of the Conservative government’s reworked plan for aboriginal education.

The group is asking the Federal Court to prevent the legislation from going ahead without its endorsement.

The assembly’s chief, Ghislain Picard, and Kitigan Zibi Chief Gilbert Whiteduck are scheduled to hold a news conference tomorrow in Montreal.

A spokeswoman for the group declined to provide a copy of the judicial review request before the news conference.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently unveiled his government’s plan to reform First Nations education, which was retooled after it ran into opposition from aboriginals that threatened to derail the reform process.

The Assembly of First Nations had called on the government to ensure aboriginal communities retain control of education and to provide a statutory funding guarantee, recognition of First Nations languages and culture, shared oversight and ongoing, meaningful engagement.

AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo has endorsed the revised plan.

The federal government is to provide $1.25 billion over three years starting in 2016 for core education, which includes language and cultural instruction.

There’s a provision for a 4.5 per cent annual increase. Another $500 million over seven years is to go toward infrastructure and $160 million over four years is set aside for implementation.


First Nations group takes Conservatives’ to court on education

  1. Harp could have solved this 8 years ago with the Kelowna Accord, but noooo

    • Agreed. As dependency on theres most often results in belligerence.

    • Let’s not forget Jack Layton’s role in killing the Kelowna Accord.

  2. Funny how they use our money, government money to fight government. Only winners are over paid lawyers and judges.

    • Ya just dont get it do ya Davie, your type is the reason this exists today 500 years after.

      • Doubtful, I would have pushed for equality in every way and there would be no added layer of government today as we would all be equal.

        Hey, preference spoiling to one group is discrimination to another. In the end, neither win with inequality.