Memorial University 411: Best places to live, eat, the coolest electives, and more -

Memorial University 411: Best places to live, eat, the coolest electives, and more

Memorial University insider’s perspective on campus life

MUN's James Ricky Reid.

MUN’s James Ricky Reid.

The 411

Best place for a nap: Third floor of the library

Best cheap lunch: Just Fries

Best hangover breakfast:Treats

Favourite campus food: The Engineering Cafeteria—great BBQ from the Grille Works along with Subway and Smoke’s Poutine in one location

Favourite watering hole: Bitters Pub

Perks: Located in the heart of the city

Where to live: University Avenue area

Best place to study: The private study rooms in the library

Worst place to study: University Centre cafeteria

Coolest electives: Religion and Disney, Religion and Popular Culture

Most notorious transit route: Route 10: MUN, the mall, downtown, Wal-Mart—all the essentials!

Best campus events: Puppies, popcorn and plants Thursdays

Official school motto: ‘Provehito in altum,’ (‘Launch forth into the deep’)

Best live music venue: The Levee

PROFILE: Memorial University of Newfoundland | St. John’s, N.L. | Founded 1925

University Insider: James Reid, 20, Communications/English 

You may be wondering if anyone would actually move all the way to Newfoundland for school. Well, the funny thing is a lot of people do. It may not seem like it at first glance, but Memorial University is a great school to attend. Certain faculties—such as business, engineering and nursing—particularly stand out. Feeling left out, future arts students? Don’t. MUN offers a wide variety of disciplines—you can take anything from social work to folklore.

Although MUN is a terrific school academically, its biggest draw has to be the cost. At the moment, MUN has some of the cheapest tuition rates in Canada. Let’s all hope that the ongoing tuition freeze doesn’t end. In all seriousness, for the amount you pay each semester, I don’t think there’s a better education for your buck than at MUN.

The campus itself has a rather cool feel to it. It’s not all hundred-year-old buildings or brand-new high-tech labs. It’s a weird—but cute—mix of the two. Newer places like the Inco building are absolutely gorgeous inside and out, but there are also older buildings like some of the residences houses, that are equally nice looking. The faculty and staff are (almost) always extremely welcoming and helpful, there are two bars on campus (and a lot of drinking establishments off the grounds), a full gym and workout centre, countless cafes and many more things that make it as enjoyable as possible to spend time on campus.


The university has a lot to offer with regard to extracurricular activities. For those unsure of what might interest them and willing to get out there and start volunteering, the Student Volunteer Bureau is located in the heart of the University Centre. The campus newspaper, the Muse, is always a great option for students interested in writing, photography or graphic design. Aspiring journalists also have the option to launch their very own radio show at 97.5 CHMR, the MUN campus radio station. Are you into gaming? Check out Sandbox Gaming and Smash Bros Newfoundland for cool events and a great volunteer experience.


Local Vibe
MUN is conveniently located in the thick of things in St. John’s, making it extremely easy to reach from most other areas of the city. Need to get some shopping done? The Avalon Mall is only a 15- to 20-minute walk away—it’s even quicker if you take the bus. George Street, located in downtown St. John’s, is famous for its bar scene. It’s a very popular drinking destination on the weekends. Of course, not everyone is interested in drinking every Friday through Sunday. For a different experience, check out Mochanopoly, the city’s first and only board game café. Also make sure to visit Escape Quest and Breakout NL—two really cool escape rooms located in the city.


The Skinny
Check out for the best guide to St. John’s. It offers a complete listing of events, articles on city life, culture, and so much more.



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