Nipissing University 411: Where to get the best cheap lunch, hangover breakfast, and more -

Nipissing University 411: Where to get the best cheap lunch, hangover breakfast, and more

A Nipissing University insider’s perspective on campus life

Nipissing University student Amber Howika.

Nipissing University student Amber Howika.

The 411

Unofficial school motto: ‘A small school with big benefits’

Best place for a nap: Owl’s Nest on campus or the silent room in the Harris Learning Library (as long as you don’t snore!)

Best cheap lunch: Subway

Best hangover breakfast: Burger World (all-day breakfast, so you can get that extra sleep)

Favourite watering hole: Moose’s Cookhouse (cheap wings on Wednesdays!)

Perks of living in this town: The accessibility of shopping, hiking, music, bars and art from the university

Best place to study: If you’re looking to really hit the books, the reading terrace or the silent room in Harris Learning Library are your best bet. For something more relaxed, try the Aboriginal Initiatives office—there are bound to be snacks and pals.

Weirdest tradition: The inevitable tripping up and/or falling down the crooked staircase which will, in fact, occur for the rest of your schooling. Accept it, embrace it.

Best campus event: Frosh Week activities, including the inflatable obstacle course, the Amazing Race, Muddy Olympics, Beach Day and Shinerama to support Cystic Fibrosis research

Best giveaway: Free tuition for first-year students coming in with an average of 90 per cent or higher

Best live music venue: Cecil’s Eatery and Beer Society

PROFILE: Nipissing University | North Bay, Ont. | Founded 1992

University Insider: Amber Howika, 21, Fine Arts and Education

When I think of Nipissing University, I don’t think of it as going away to school—I think of it is as coming home. With just over 3,100 full-time undergrads, you can bet this small community bonds faster than most. In any given class, with an average of 25 students, you will be sure to quickly meet some new friends and see their faces around campus often. Our location in North Bay isn’t as far north as many think. We are less than a four-hour drive from Toronto, with an easily accessible bus system that will drop you off right at the university.

The residences at Nipissing are vastly superior to those at other universities. All our buildings offer incredible support and programming throughout the year. This ranges from bonding activities, such as potlucks and formals, to stress-relievers including free ice cream and visits from therapy dogs.

Yes, you heard right, real pups! Residence is a remarkable experience; in fact, many people choose to stay here their entire education. There are also endless ways to get involved in residence, with council or taking on leadership roles. Your roommates become your second family, and the bonds you make at this school last a lifetime.

As you may be aware, Nipissing has some ongoing financial problems. So far, sadly, they’ve closed the Muskoka campus and laid off about 50 non-academic staff.

It’s unclear what else is on the chopping block, but I’m keeping an eye on it, and anyone thinking about coming here (which you absolutely should!) should too.

Nipissing has so much more to offer than just superior schooling. We have countless extracurriculars, with all kinds of sports teams and clubs that range from books, religion, dance and performance to indulging your inner nerd with League of Legends and the Pokémon fan club.

We have endless trails to explore right behind our school, leading up to breathtaking Duchesnay Falls—an absolute must-do adventure! The scholarships available go out to more than 62 per cent of first-year students, and they continue to receive them if they maintain good grades.

Local Vibe:
North Bay is full of friendly faces and the atmosphere is very warm, despite the rather chilly climate. The city has many places to discover and offers a shopping mall, bowling, and an array of theatres, art galleries, cruise rides, restaurants and bars.

So many students wear gear from Nipissing or its hockey team, the Lakers, around town that you feel you truly belong here.

The Skinny:
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