10 skills that will help you succeed


What does it take to succeed? A positive attitude? Well, sure, but that’s hardly enough. The Law of Attraction? The Secret? These ideas might act as spurs to action, but without the action itself, they don’t do much.

Success, however it’s defined, takes action, and taking good and appropriate action takes skills. Some of these skills (not enough, though) are taught in school (not well enough, either), others are taught on the job, and still others we learn from general life experience

According to Dustin Wax at Stepcase Lifehack, one of the 100 most popular blogs in the blogosphere, these are 10 skills that can help anyone get ahead in just about any field.

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10 skills that will help you succeed

  1. Success may take action but is the knowledge of what action to take fired by your desire to look good or some other uninspired action? Or is it truly inspired action?

    And never forget your emotional state when you are talking about the Law of Attraction and how it works.

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