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12 songs that captivated campuses in 2012

Japandroids, Hollerado, Rah Rah, Topanga & more


It’s that time of the year again. Not the mad dash to wrap everything… okay, that too. It’s ‘best of” lists season! From doom soul to dance-punk, here are 12 tracks that captivated campuses in 2012:

1. Japandroids “Younger us”

2. Topanga “Oceans”

3. Hollerado “Pick me up”

4. Poor Young Things “Blame it on the good times”

5. Teenage Kicks “Middle of the night”

6. Stars “Hold on when you get love…”

7. Rah Rah “20s”

8. Erin Passmore “Into the woods”

9. The Wooden Sky “Child of the Valley”

10. Evening Hymns “Arrows”

11. Whitehorse “No glamour in the hammer”

12. John K. Samson “When I write my master’s thesis”


12 songs that captivated campuses in 2012

  1. What a homogeneous list of alt-guitar rock. I suspect this list represents Jesse’s personal taste, not what students across the country are actually listening to.

  2. I agree with Mark, I have never heard any one of these songs this year.

  3. The majority of these songs a little too teeny for me, I can’t personnally relate to any of these songs but wonder if a 18-19-year old 1st year could?