1,200 Concordia students protest tuition

Provost grants amnesty for missed tests and assignments


Some 1,200 Concordia University students, including 900 undergraduates, spent their Valentines Day lunch hour at an anti-tuition rally hosted by the students’ union.

The event, called Wintry Hot Accessible Love-in for Education (WHALE), saw students partially capitalizing on the anger over the controversial departure of president Judith Woodsworth, but the principle purpose was to demonstrate against a possible tuition hike in Quebec of $500 a year over the next three years.

Officially the gathering served as the students’ union semi-annual general meeting and a motion was passed to organize a Day of Action against tuition hikes. According to the Link student newspaper, Concordia’s provost exempted participating students from any tests, or assignments due, during the rally.

Photo: Erin Sparks, courtesy of the Link

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1,200 Concordia students protest tuition

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  2. What a whiny bunch. $500 over 3 years while the rest of North America outside of Quebec pays at the very least double the tuition Quebec residents pay. Grow up.

  3. Yes Leia, surely university students should passively absorb the governments attempts to raise tuition because everyone else pay higher … solid logic you have. Accessible higher education is a bad thing

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