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15 things they don’t teach you in high school about university

Facebook friending is the new handshake


ramfrosh1. If you move away from home, you’ll miss your parents for the first five minutes. Maybe.
2. Your first-year grades are meaningless but maybe you want to crack a book open once in a while?
3. Male bravado may be tacky but hey, that never stopped anyone.
4. Frosh Week can be obnoxious and humiliating with overzealous enthusiasm but it’s an excellent way to make friends, so go on and build that human pyramid!
5. Nobody cares about anything you ever did in high school. No one is impressed that you wrote the school’s winter production or that this one time, you made a killer joke and the most popular boy in your class laughed. (I’ve tried this, I HAVE TRIED THIS.)
6. Not everyone drinks. Some people read. Sometimes they study. Some smoke. Variety is the spice of life.
7. Engineering students all have a creepy symbiotic and almost inappropriate relationship with each other. They paint their bodies, duct tape each other to lamp posts in busy city squares and march down crowded sidewalks playing horns. Avoid.
8. Half-Baked is really an exceptional film under the right circumstances.
9. The person next to you is probably just as nervous as you are.
10. “Friendcest” will become the dirtiest word in your lexicon.
11. You’re right, I bet you and your high school boyfriend are, like, so in love and you’re totes going to make this long distance thing work and you’re going to get married one day and walk down the aisle to Metric wearing your favorite gold lycra tube top from American Apparel. No, no, I’m the idiot.
12. “Hey, do you want to go play some beer pong?” doesn’t mean it’s a date.
13. You might change your major or you might change your school or you might change your friends, and none of it is such a huge deal.
14. My brother taught me this and for some people more than others, it’s vital to pay attention to: Try to suspend whatever disdain you may have for certain groups of people for the sake of making a friend or two. You can’t roll your eyes at all of the people all of the time and expect to get away with it. (That said, you can’t be friends with everyone, so pick your battles.)
15. Don’t take any advice.

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15 things they don’t teach you in high school about university

  1. I still think the other photo would have been better. But I’ll excuse you, because this is hilarious (and sadly, entirely true).

  2. First year grades are meaningless? Bullsh*t.

    That was the worst piece of advice I ever got. While it’s true as advice IN high school, since universities only care about your Grade 12/11 marks, grad schools and professional schools (law/med, etc) look at your overall GPA which is impacted just as much by your first year marks as your final year. I did great in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of undergrad, but got three C’s in First year as a result of a combination of that advice (that 1st year grades don’t matter) and living in McGill residence (which obviously led to insane amounts of drinking). Those three C’s dragged down my entire GPA.

    One or two bad marks early on can be impossible to recover from. Assuming you plan on doing more than a first degree, don’t follow the advice in this article.

  3. ^^^ somebody didnt get into grad school :D

  4. I think you’re wrong about the first two (hey, I missed my parents A LOT) and first year marks are important. Yeah, you could mess up your chances at grad school, but completely slacking off in the first year can set you up with some terrible habits that will bite you hard in the upper year, more disciplined classes.

    The other tips though, are great. No one cares about high school. Or atleast they shouldn’t. Someone’s high school “achievements” are the last thing you want to hear about, and high school style behaviour (in the worst sense of the word) will tire out prospective friends quickly.
    And some of my closest friends at school I wouldn’t have even crossed paths with before university. So she’s right – give people a chance in a way you might not have previously.

  5. I’m speaking purely in regards to undergraduate school. Certainly it depends on what program you’re in, and of course I’m speaking from experience. I truly think your first is is about settling and figuring out what the hell you’re doing and sometimes that goes beyond school.
    Just read a book, is all’s I’m saying.

  6. I officially take issue with #14. I firmly believe that I can in fact roll my eyes at everyone who annoys me, despite the fact that I shouldn’t.

  7. Fine, but you’re just going to piss people off. Don’t be surprised if they dislike you back.