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2014 Maclean’s University Rankings

See who came out on top in our annual analysis


The 23rd annual Maclean’s University Rankings issue, the number one source for students choosing universities in Canada, is now available on newsstands and tablets. It contains 130 pages of charts, surveys, stories about what’s happening in higher education and, of course, our 2014 University Rankings.

Each of the 49 universities is ranked in one of three categories to recognize differences in levels of research funding, diversity of offerings and breadth and depth of graduate and professional programs.

For the ninth year in a row, McGill ranks first in the Medical Doctoral category. In second place is the University of British Columbia. The University of Toronto, which once dominated the rankings, is third.

In the Comprehensive category the University of Victoria passed Simon Fraser University to take first.

In the Primarily Undergraduate category Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B. is once again on top. No surprise there; this is the 17th time in 23 years that Mount A. is first. Acadia University edged out the University of Northern British Columbia for second. UNBC tied the University of Lethbridge for third.

One school improved its position by three ranks this year: Saint Mary’s University in Halifax moved from 8th to 5th in the Primarily Undergraduate category. Six schools are up two spots.

Wondering how we rank? Maclean’s considers 14 indicators of the quality of students, faculty, libraries and finances. For a full description of the ranking methodology, click here.


2014 Maclean’s University Rankings

  1. for 10 year in a row montreal university students get the best results in the final exams. lets not forget that montreal is the only university that kept the full theoric course so that people should know that mcgill students only learn now half of the theory that montreal students learn. thats ok considering that mcgill wants students to go into general practice or research so the hell with specialties. 3years ago 2 students were put on the waiting list of mcgill and these 2 students had a 37 and more of cot R and were also the winers of la medaille du gouverneur and are also 2 french canadian and also 2 fencers highly ranked in canada from quebec. Brebeuf students also. makes you wonder!

    • What????

    • Makes you wonder what, exactly? High test scores don’t necessarily mean quality education or quality students – perhaps the exam process is simply not rigorous. And the two students who made the McGill wait list sound like fine students indeed. However, they are competing with the best students in the world, not the best in Montréal, or QC, or even Canada. I did my master’s at McGill and am furthering my grad studies at another university, which is a good university, but cannot even begin to be described as in the same league as McGill, unfortunately. Further, your rant might hold more weight in my view if Montréal didn’t squeak in one placement ahead of U of S whose College of Medicine is on accreditation probation. So … why so down on McGill?

    • Hey Marise, that was what we (educated people) call a defensive rant based on jealousy of your betters.
      Yup, true Université de Montréal-UQAM-whatever.

    • @Marise Dufresne: Sorry Marise, my friend and I were from Brébeuf. We both got into McGill. My friend had a R score of 40, received the medal of the governor too, and had several Canadian universities offering him bursaries, not to mention his other awards and honours. I myself had a R score of 38. So whoever you were talking about who got wait-listed, unfortunately for them there are better candidates out there. However, luckily for them, there are other medical schools for them too :) C’est la vie!

  2. Where are l’université de Montréal & l’université Laval???

    • Cherches un peu tu trouveras !

  3. I always wonder why there is no other Montreal Universities in this rankings. What about ESG UQAM, and Concordia

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