2014 University Rankings: Medical Doctoral results

McGill, UBC and Toronto hold their top three positions


Note to readers: This edition of our university rankings was first published on macleans.ca in 2013. For more on our latest edition, the Maclean’s 2015 University Rankings, visit this link.

The Maclean’s University Rankings place schools into one of three categories to recognize differences in levels of research funding, diversity of offerings and breadth and depth of graduate and professional programs. Universities in the Medical Doctoral category, ranked here, have a broad range of Ph.D. programs and research, as well as medical schools. Be sure to check out the other two ranking categories, Comprehensive and Primarily Undergraduate, and our methodology. For dozens of charts, our reputation survey, student satisfaction results and stories about what’s new on campuses, buy the 130-page Maclean’s University Rankings, on newsstands and iPads.

2014 Ranking University Last Year
1 McGill (1)
2 UBC (2)
3 Toronto (3)
4 Queen’s (4)
5 Alberta (5)
6 McMaster (6)
7 Dalhousie (7)
8 Ottawa (10)
*9 Calgary (8)
*9 Western (11)
11 Montréal (12)
12 Saskatchewan (9)
13 Laval (13)
14 Manitoba (15)
15 Sherbrooke (14)

* Indicates a tie


2014 University Rankings: Medical Doctoral results

  1. I’m currently looking at a copy of the 2003 rankings from Macleans and Toronto used to be number 1, followed by Queens, McGill, Western and UBC in 5th. What happened??

    • Intellectual capital and power is shifting West.

    • Mid-90s and early 2000s was the dark ago of McGill University. Due to a separatist government in Quebec, McGill University (an English speaking school) is under-funded and under-staffed. It explained your observation that why McGill was not ranked No. 1.

  2. There are 17 medical schools in Canada…What happened to NOSM in Sudbury? They weren’t even ranked? They’re new and would understandably be in last place but they should have been listed.

    • This list is not a ranking of medical schools.

  3. Memorial in Newfoundland has a medical school and numerous doctoral programs. Why is it in the comprehensive category instead of this one? Also, where is NOSM?

    • You’re a grad student and you can’t even figure out that this list IS NOT ranking medical schools?

  4. Where is Memorial University? Or is NewFoundland becoming its own country too?

  5. Who pays for this list? How can a medical under academic probation be there? Obviously not as objective as one would expect.

  6. In reply to Paul, McGill was number 1 when Maclean’s started its rankings in 1990-1991 and continued to be number 1 for a few years until Toronto took over up to 2004-2005. McGill has remained on the top spot since 2005.

  7. UBC and UofT beats McGill in all the relevant international surveys.

    • McGill beats UBC and UoT any day, just look at how successful people become after leaving McGill.

    • Lenova: “UBC and UofT beats McGill in all the relevant international surveys . . .”

      except noun verb agreement.

      • Here comes the grammar nazi..

  8. McGill is much better known in the United States than either UofT or UBC. Ask any American and they know someone who went there for the cheap tuition and the nicer culture there. When I applied to universities in the early 2000’s, the minimum entrance requirement for UToronto in the program I applied to was 10 percentage points higher than for McGill. I didn’t think McGill was all that competitive for undergrad but for graduate programs, it may be a different story.

  9. Hey guys, don’t get caught on the numbers. This ranking is based on a set of criteria set by the magazine. It is only relevant if you agree on the methods in which they used to rank schools. Like a beauty pageant, the first place winner selected by the judges may not be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, but perhaps the 6th place winner is the one for you. Same with university, it is all about the environment they set up to cultivate you – the community, the students, the professors, and the supporters. If you like the 4 years you spent there, then it is THE best school for you regardless what the magazine says.

  10. The medical/ doctoral category ranks the undergrad programs at the Schools that have a medical faculty. It doesn’t rank the med schools. Big difference.

  11. It is not hard to tell why Ontario Universities have sunk in these rankings over the past 10 years. Ontario universities admit far too many doctoral students, and they do so for cynical reasons (Dalton’s dollars). Ontario is the only place in the world to have increased PhD enrolments since 2008. The result is inflation of the value of an Ontario PhD. No wonder McGill and UBC repeatedly trounce Toronto (not to mention Queens and Western). This is Dalton’s doing.

  12. Where are UQTR, UQAC, and UdeM in any of these rankings? i don’t understand…

  13. if the rankings didn’t change every so often, you would have no reason to buy the rankings issue.

    in reality, a list like this should probably be compiled once a decade, and even then should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

  14. need to know:which is the best pharmaceutical school considering other countries

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