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2014 University Rankings: Primarily Undergraduate results

Mount Allison holds on to first place while Acadia moves up


Note to readers: This edition of our university rankings was first published on macleans.ca in 2013. For more on our latest edition, the Maclean’s 2015 University Rankings, visit this link.

The Maclean’s University Rankings place schools into one of three categories to recognize differences in levels of research funding, diversity of offerings and breadth and depth of graduate and professional programs. Universities in the Primarily Undergraduate category, ranked here, are largely focused on undergraduate education, with relatively fewer graduate programs and graduate students. Be sure to check out the other two ranking categories, Medical Doctoral and Comprehensive, and our methodology. For dozens of charts, our reputation survey, student satisfaction results and stories about what’s new on campuses, buy the 130-page Maclean’s University Rankings, on newsstands and iPads.

2014 Ranking School Last Year
1 Mount Allison (1)
2 Acadia (4)
*3 Lethbridge (3)
*3 UNBC (2)
5 Saint Mary’s (*8)
6 Trent (*5)
*7 UPEI (*5)
*7 St. Francis Xavier (7)
9 Bishop’s (*8)
10 Lakehead (12)
11 Moncton (10)
12 St. Thomas (11)
13 UOIT (15)
*14 Laurentian (*13)
*14 Winnipeg (*13)
16 Brandon (16)
17 Mount Saint Vincent (17)
18 Cape Breton (18)
19 Nipissing (19)

* Indicates a tie


2014 University Rankings: Primarily Undergraduate results

  1. okay, should lakehead be comprehensive, as since the new f.o.law, there is now over 8% student pop in graduate/professional studies.

    also, algoma university has been around for 5 years now. where is algoma u in the rankings?

  2. Still no MacEwan University or Mount Royal University in Alberta? How long will it take until you include these.

    The Globe and Mail surveys have included them for years.

  3. Re: MRU and MacEwan universities, the latter 2 may have declined to be included, taking issue with the way the rankings have been compiled.

  4. I got offer from Mount Allison Univ Commerce program and York Univ Business Program (not schulic). which one should I go?

    • If you are looking for a solid, student focused school it’s Mount Allison. If you are looking to build connections in the business world and have a faster access to jobs it’s York.

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