25 Funny & Awesome Canadians

LOLing with a Canadian accent


2571412895_f1bfff5bddGosh, we Canadians are some funny, eh?

  1. Shawn Majumder
  2. Ryan Belleville
  3. John Wing Jr.
  4. Nicole Arbour
  5. Brent Butt
  6. Jim Carrey
  7. Jon Dore
  8. Mike Myers
  9. Trevor Boris
  10. Howie Mandel
  11. Mike MacDonald
  12. Russell Peters
  13. Sean Cullen
  14. Jeremy Hotz
  15. André-Philippe Gagnon
  16. Nikki Payne
  17. Boomer Phillips
  18. Kenny Hotz
  19. Spencer Rice
  20. Will Sasso
  21. Ron Sparks
  22. Harland Williams
  23. Scott Thompson
  24. Eugene Levy
  25. Pete Zedlacher *

Happy Canada Day everyone!

* I met Pete Zedlacher once and got his autograph after seeing him at the Just For Laughs tour. Such a nice guy.

** Photo by Just Us 3.

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25 Funny & Awesome Canadians

  1. Boomer Phillips isnt that awesome or funny , VOT proves that , hes one of the least funny people on that show . Alot of good names could be on this list , Jason Rouse or Jon Steinberg deserve a spot here over him sorry to say.

  2. There are a lot of awesome and funny Canadians that deserve to be on this list that aren’t. I personally think Boomer Phillips is hilarious but I do agree that Jason Rouse should be on this list too.