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A 12 question exam? It’s inevitable.


This Saturday is my physics midterm. There are going to be 12 questions.

It’s kind of scary when two marks make the difference between an 83 % and a 67 %. The difference between an excellent mark and a crappy mark.

And with only 12 multiple choice questions, all it takes is one stupid mistake.


A 12 question exam? It’s inevitable.

  1. A test of only 12 multiple choice questions seems unbelieveable. Are you sure they aren’t word problems and regular math questions? (You would know, of course, but it’s unusual.)

  2. Ugh, I have a midterm like that too, but in CHEMISTRY of all subjects. It’s 20 MC though (beats 12).

  3. How did the exam go? Did you ace it with 12/12 or destroy it with 10/12?

  4. oh my god,i hated that about the first year science courses. first year biology destroyed me because of the format! yeah, it upsets me because i feel like it’s designed to reduce our chances for success. totally not fair, they should be helping us help ourselves.