A civilian public service Regular Office Training Plan?


Michael Cotey Morgan, a Canadian who is a Ph.D candidate at Yale, suggests the Canadian public service should offer subsidized university education in exchange for a time-period of service after graduation.

The civil service is preparing for a mass wave of retirements and is trying to recruit young people. Young people who do not seem too interested in a public sector career.

Morgan’s idea is interesting, personally, I believe the public sector should be more transparent in what it does. Prior to dealing with bureaucrats as a journalist, I thought public policy was created by politicians. I never realized the amount of influence an entry-level policy analysis can have. If more young people understood they can achieve something in the public service, they probably join.

Expect a lot of discussion on this topic in the near future. The Queen’s Centre for the Study of Democracy is working on a policy paper on this subject.

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A civilian public service Regular Office Training Plan?

  1. This sounds like BC’s Pacific Leadership program which funds graduate students and was started last year.


    After graduation, graduate students who received the scholarships work one year for every year of funding received in the public service. They work wherever the public service places them–but based on their training and with a competitive salary.

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