A domed stadium at the University of Manitoba


The latest planned location for David Asper’s new taxpayer subsidized football stadium is the University of Manitoba.

Asper unveiled his latest plans over the weekend.

The idea could work. A shared stadium makes a lot of sense in Winnipeg; especially if it includes a soccer component.

The province is on board, Asper’s chipping in, and there will likely be a student levy to fund it. (I’m not a fan of the student levy idea, but I see a referendum on the issue occurring and passing.)

Winnipeg’s new stadium looks like it will finally happen.


A domed stadium at the University of Manitoba

  1. Where do you see that there “will likely be a student levy” to fund it? I have not yet seen that quoted anywhere.

  2. Lynn, thanks for commenting. You are correct, the idea has not been publicly stated.

    That’s my opinion of what will occur. (I could have been clearer)

    A lot of universities fund recreational facilities using student levies. Many force students to pay for basic “memberships” as a student levy included in their tuition.

    UManitoba does not presently. Actually, UManitoba’s premium membership is cheaper than many mandatory basic “memberships.”

    I read about the additional training facilities and other add-ons to the building being ripe for the university to promote to get a student levy.

    The university has to find money for its contribution to the new station and a levy is an easy way to do it.

    I could be wrong about my prediction, of course, but I’m confident in my belief it will happen.

  3. I think you’re right, Joey — especially after the levy was passed so easily at U of W. It’s not the best for students, but it’s either going to come out of tuition (when it goes up next year) or from a stake in the project. I guess students can feel good about contributing to the new facility, and hopefully use it?

    It is an awful cash-grab of a way to fund these things, though.

  4. This sounds like one of the better proposals so far (although after Point Douglas, that’s not saying much), although I am not sure why students should have to pay for a levy when we already paid for the land and it looks like Asper will own the stadium. Plus, unlike a gym (which the U of M already had), it seems like only a few students will really be able to use it.

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