A possible tuition freeze in the UK?

Some students skeptical government will actually follow throught


Oxford’s student newspaper, Cherwell, reports the British Higher Education Funding Council for England chief executive David Eastwood "has proclaimed that universities nationwide should not be expecting tuition fees to rise with inflation, in light of the current economic crisis."

Interestingly, the economic crisis is cited as a reason to freeze tuition.

However, a promise is not a guarantee. One student politician told the paper, "for the government to say they’re not raising tuition fees is like someone attacking you in the street promising not to hit you again."

Aside: The picture used to illustrate the article is not British in origin, it’s actually from the 2007 CFS Day of Action in Toronto.


A possible tuition freeze in the UK?

  1. I don't know about official word, but the word on the street is that Labour is going to be raising fees this year. Even the Labour Student clubs seem to begrudgingly acknowledge that it's probably going to happen. That's the word from Cardiff anyways.

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