A psychology professor’s protest

No snacks? No professor.


Photo by Helga Weber on Flickr

A professor at Sacramento State University in California walked out of his first-year psychology class Thursday because his students didn’t bring any snacks, reports the Sacramento Bee.

Some students were upset about missing their last lab before their midterm exam and complained.

But Prof. George Parrott said students were warned in the course handout that “Not having a snack = no Dr. Parrott or TAs. Now you are responsible for your own lab assignment.”

Parott told The Bee that the snack obligation is his way of encouraging students to work collectively, because they must collaborate on what to bring.

“Having these goodies in the class breaks down some of the formality and some of the rigidity in the class,” he added. Parrot, who is semi-retired, said he has required snacks in class for 39 years.


A psychology professor’s protest

  1. I am impressed by his move and it make sense to me.. the professor was trying to show the students to work together. As he see’s it they are gonna be working with others in the real life if they are incapable of working together as a unit then how are they gonna think out side of the box..

    I personally commend Prof. George Parrott for his creative approach for trying to get his students to work together.

  2. I am surprised that Professor has gotten away with this behaviour for 39 years. I hope that is not a mandatory Phychology course. When I was a Psychology student, if I ever had seen a course description with that requirement for the teacher’s attendance, I would have immediately withdrawn myself from the course, and sent letters of complaint including to the University President. It is unethical to expect students to pay with food for their instructor’s class attendance, when the students have already paid for tuition, and the requirement was not optional. Under false pretenses, he just wants a free snack, of ego indulgence, that is. That Psychologist seems to have misplaced ego lust and other psychological issues.

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