A tale of two colleges in Sudbury

English college questions French school’s funding


The president of Sudbury, Ontario’s English-language college wants the province to look into the funding disparity between her school and the city’s French college, which gets significantly more provincial funding per student. Cambrian, the English college, is cutting staff, while College Boréal is planning to give all new students iPads. “Cambrian doesn’t get enough funding to offer every student an iPad,” president Sylvia Barnard told CBC News. College Boréal president Denis Hubert-Dutrisac defended the disparity. The iPad money came from fundraising, he said. He also said it’s more expensive to run his college because of translation costs and its network of small campuses.


A tale of two colleges in Sudbury

  1. For once francophones in Ontario are given a chance to succeed! Give us a break! Francophones have worked hard to obtain their institutions and the results have been extremely positive. Most Ontarians do not realize that there was a law (Règlement 17) banning the teaching of French in schools around the 1930s. This law served to assimilate many francophones who subsequently lost their mother tongue and their culture. When this law was repealed (around 1940s), Franco-Ontarians started going back to French schools, but had to pay their own way by educating their children in private schools! Publicly funded french high schools did not exist until the 1970s after students went on strike demanding french education. Community colleges where french is the main language only came in existence in the 1990s. The number of francophone graduates has grown exponentially since the creation of these community colleges. They deserve a chance to succeed…not to mention that the laptops in question were bought as a result of fundraising efforts!

  2. That is the problem with our society we are always having to give students something to succeed. How is giving them iPads going to make their learning experience any better? So when they are supposed to be listening to their teacher they are able to FB, Twitter or play games. Great learning experience they are getting. They know how to use technology but do not know how to think for themselves. Oh, and this is not a french or English thing. Because I am french.

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