Acadia student dies after binge drinking -

Acadia student dies after binge drinking

Student was seen playing “flip cup” in residence


Acadia photo courtesy of Martin Cathrae on Flickr

An male student at Acadia University who was sent to hospital earlier this week has died.

The 19-year-old from Calgary was found unconscious Tuesday morning around 12:30 a.m. in a basement dorm room inside Chipman House residence, reports CBC News.

“It is with tremendous sorrow that Acadia University today confirms that our student, who had been critically ill since September 6, has died. Our deepest and most heartfelt condolences are extended to all family members and friends,” the school wrote on its website. “Acadia will continue to respect the family’s request that no other personal details be released.”

Nathan Rodger told CBC News on Tuesday that the student in question had been playing a drinking game before paramedics took him away to the hospital.

“He was drinking a 40 [oz.] of something and he pretty much drank the whole thing,” Rodger said. “Yeah, we were playing ‘flip cup’ and he had it straight in the can, just right in the thing. Not even mixing it. I think he finished probably most of it, all of it.”

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Acadia student dies after binge drinking

  1. So very very sad. One of a parents hopes in sending a student away to school is that they have the the maturity to handle all that comes with having what freedom offers. My hearfelt condolences to the family and friends of this young man.

  2. very sad, but obviously this guy was not mature enough yet to be away at university

    • I would say you’re all being a little insensitive with the given circumstances. These are teenagers that are going away to a whole new place and are trying to find ways to fit in. They are still young enough that knowing their limits is something still being learned. Perhaps some of the blame should be on the schools for allowing and knowing that so much drinking occurs in dormitories. Maybe this is a horrible, but long overdue lesson for the University. Very sorry to the family.

    • I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a neighbourhood that’s become infested with students, but most of them are not what I would classify as “mature”. Yes it was damn stupid of him to drink so much when he obviously did not have the alcohol tolerance necessary to not DIE from it…but he’s gone. We don’t need to be making commentary on his maturity level now.

    • “But obviously this guy was not mature enough yet to be away at university” ?

      “This guy” that you are judging is dead. I can’t even begin to point out how wrong that sentence was. You are sick. His death isn’t justified because “he wasn’t mature enough”, there is no “but”. He’s still dead. A family still lost a child.

  3. I’m sorry but at 19 I very well new not to be that completely ridiculous, It’s tragic but he was 19, and if he was “mature” enough to legally but it and drink it, that fact he is dead doesn’t excuse his complete lack of common sense and immaturity, not to mention his selfishness- because of his childish actions he forever hurt and left behind parents and a whole bunch of family and friends that will never ever fully recover. If this teen had of lived you all would have called him immature, irresponsible, just another kid not ready for university. Don’t bother siding with him and talking kindly beside he is dead. He didn’t just end his life, he ruined his parents. ALL FOR FUN, that’s why he died, Because he just WANTED TO HAVE FUN. If you have support that, you are the one who is SICK.