An interesting link on the York strike


Hoping to avoid the time-consuming process of dealing with legal letters, I’m won’t even repeat the headline of this story. Take a look:


An interesting link on the York strike

  1. Ugh. I hate the CFS and CUPE right now. I guess we can’t do anything about public unions that overstep their power. The former oppressed become the oppressors.

  2. Can you all see how selfish and greedy and disrespectful the Union is being. People you need to get real. There is more than money, benefits and job security at stake here. Students want to start their university and complete their degrees as they expect. Paid tuition, emotional turmoil, distrupted lives, opportunity for jobs and more – ALL LOST at the hands of people who already have well paying jobs, Who in this day gets more than 1-2% increases. The union is asking for almost 16% over two years.
    Get back to work and let the students get back to their well deserved lives. The University is being damaged. Tuition will go up, enrollment will go down and the TA’s will be out of a job.

  3. If I was a TA, I would vote against the ratification vote; if the forced ratification vote failed, government would legislate back to work, and contract would go to arbitration, which would almost certainly result in better deal for TAs. But I hope they vote yes anyway.

  4. The only certain way of ending the strike is to vote YES to the offer. All else is speculation. It’s like jumping off a cliff gambling that someone else will intercept your fall. That’s not a bet I would care to make at the best of times but in the worst of times it’s positively reckless.