Another chapter for one of SFU’s most (in)famous alumni

Although this has very little to do with post-secondary education, it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Right-wing pundit Rachel Marsden — an SFU alumnus — has yet another one of her love-life scandals in the newspapers. She first became known when she accused a SFU swimming coach of sexual harassment in the 90′s. The coach — who was fired and then later reinstated — shot back with allegations that it had been she who had done the stalking.

Last year she accused her Ontario police officer ex-boyfriend of leaking sensitive anti-terrorism documents to her. He charged her with harassment. (The charges were later dropped.)

Marsden’s latest breakup turned public when she listed a number of her ex’s (Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales) personal belongings on eBay after he announced their break-up on Wikipedia. He allegedly broke up with her officially later by way of instant message. Ah, love in the time of technology!


Another chapter for one of SFU’s most (in)famous alumni

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