Anti-female campaigner charged in Waterloo -

Anti-female campaigner charged in Waterloo

Former student accused of bizarre e-mail and postering campaign


Waterloo Police have charged a 34-year-old former University of Waterloo student who they believe distributed bizarre anti-female posters and e-mails across campus this spring, reports The Waterloo Region Record. An e-mail claiming to be from the university’s president was circulated with an image of a nuclear bomb and French scientist Marie Curie, who discovered radium, along with a message that implied that women shouldn’t hold positions of power. “THE TRUTH. The brightest Woman this Earth ever created was Marie Curie, The mother of the Nuclear Bomb. You tell me if the plan of Women leading Men is still a good idea,” it read. Similar posters were then pasted over the campaign posters of female candidates during an student election. Many female students reported feeling uneasy about incidents. Zamir Nathoo of Kitchener, Ont. is charged with criminal harassment, personation with intent and mischief to property.

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Anti-female campaigner charged in Waterloo

  1. Maybe there’s more to this than reported by the media but the only charge that will stick is impersonation.

    Putting up offensive posters is NOT “mischief to property”, it is free speech.

    Sending unsolicited emails is NOT “criminal harassment”.

    The feminists have really blown this out of proportion by pretending to be “scared” of offensive speech.

  2. @ Denis:

    You’re actually quite incorrect there. Putting up offensive posters on private property is indeed mischief and trespassing. Appearing on private property with intent to put threatening and slanderous messages on posters promoting candidates for the student union is a serious instance of harassment and by all means threatening.

    You have to realize that a university is a PRIVATE property with regulations, goals and conditions of use for any space. A university is NOT public space, no matter how you slice it. You can’t do as you please and as a non-member of the university you have no right to ‘free speech’ in contravention of conditions for use of university facilities, unless you are invited to exercise it. Therefore trespassing, mischief and harassment are definitely an appropriate charge here.

  3. @Denis: And it’s considered hate speech, which is not protected by “free speech”.

    Blown out of proportion? Not likely. This guy was escalating and the next step would likely be real violence. You are clearly ignorant of many things. Perhaps you should pick up a book and do some reading once in a while.

  4. @ Denis

    I full agree with Mat and Oto. I fail to see how you don’t think sending emails from someone else’s email account is criminal harassment. He sent it from the president’s email, which is a hefty crime, and sent it to thousands of people impersonating the president. Imagine you were the president of a university (not an easy career position to acquire), and this happened to you. Also, it IS hate speech, he’s spewing hate in a non-respectful manner. His next step would’ve been violence. I take it you’re not educated in very many things, and I agree with mat, pick up a book and do some reading. Better yet, before voicing your opinion on these types of blogs, first search the internet for some free and fast education. There is no excuse for ignorance like yours.