Apollo Group launches new university in New Brunswick

Meritus University will offer three degrees online


Apollo Group, known its Phoenix University, has been approved by the New Brunswick government to offer three degrees at a new university in Fredericton. The new, private Meritus University will offer bachelor’s degrees in business administration and information technology management and a master’s degree in business administration.

Although Meritus will be based in Fredericton, the university will offer its programs online. “We understand there is a value to Canadian education that transcends Canadian borders,” said Greg Cappelli, executive vice president of global strategy for Apollo Group. “Meritus University’s mission is to meet Canada’s growing demand for advanced education, while making Canadian education, which is highly-regarded internationally, accessible worldwide.”

In a press release, the company stated that New Brunswick was chosen for their next university because of its “positive regulatory and business environment.” Meritus will be the fourth private university in New Brunswick to offer online degrees, including University of Fredericton, Yorkville University, and Lansbridge University (which was shut down in B.C. last year for violating provincial law). Apollo Group is one of the largest publicly-traded education providers in the world, with schools in 40 U.S. states, British Columbia, Alberta, Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, and the Netherlands. The company trades on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and its market capitalization is U.S.$8.4 billion. Apollo had U.S.$2.7 billion in revenues during the year ending August 31 2007. Phoenix University is the largest private university in the U.S.

The university is expected to be up and running later this year.

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Apollo Group launches new university in New Brunswick

  1. I had to switch form Hotmail to Gmail becasue of all the spam I got. A lot of it was from Phoenix U, which is I beleive is an Appollo group product(you would need to check this). I wonder about any university that advertises by spam.

    Also if you were to check, you would find that Phoenix U is highly controversial.

  2. We desperately need these private universities in Canada and New Brunswick is leading the way. Our institutions of higher education are so second rate and we can no longer afford them. Where’s our Harvard? Where’s our Yale? Oh, wait a minute, those are private universities.

    B.C. Department of Education is so hypocritical and in a serious conflict of interest. They really are controlled by the few big universities in that province. If those universities fail and the need for public funding is reduced, Dept of Education jobs are at risk.

    It’s not surprising that most of the “laws” broken by Lansbridge BC are minor infractions that occur almost daily on the campuses of established BC universities. For example, I can walk onto any campus in BC and find evidence of faculty and staff printing student transcripts on scrap paper.

    Go New Brunswick!!!

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  4. What a joke. Wouldn’t even thing about paying for a “degree” from this place.

  5. I commend the quality of writing in the article, and agree with the first comment that we need better quality private colleges in canada but I fear New Brunswick is far from the leader.

    Lansbridge was shut down by the BC government, so they moved to NB and what happened there? The staff joined a fledgling startup called Yorkville and got approval. Online universities like these run on cheap software, rented offices and as few as one or two staff members. If New Brunswick was serious about making private universities work, they’d demand proper investment.

    Now, the University of Phoenix opens a campus in NB under a new name. What was wrong with the old one? Maybe it was too sullied by their online reviews.

  6. I have a friend who worked for a short time with one of these schools in Fredericton.

    In no way are these schools completely on the “up and up”. One of the schools claims to be run from NB however is actually run by a Toronto group.

    The only reason these schools are here is due to the legislation in NB. We need to take a hard look at the organizational structures of these so called universities. It goes beyond what they present on their websites. The NB government is failing to follow up and audit these institutions.

  7. my question is how legitimate are these so called online universities where you cannot really identify the credibility and credentials of the individuals who are so called online professors and educators in their research and education. If these online proffessors are so first class perhaps they would be working at a first class universities instead of spending time trying to sell their services online.

    The trouble is there is not enough legislative law and government regulations to regulate these online universities and so they pop up in cyberspace without any government and public input. If you have a dispute or dissatified with your program at least there is an ombusman office at a local univeristy to appeal your case, but how can this be done online

    Plus if you really need faculty to assist in conducting research and development, where do you go for the facilities that can offer you the resources needed to conduct the experimentation ie Lab facilities ..

    I just dont beleive this system will work as efficient and effective as a real university campus.

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