Atheist Dawkins blasts women-only seating -

Atheist Dawkins blasts women-only seating

‘Islam or Atheism?’ debate in London ends in uproar


At a University College London debate called “Islam or Atheism: What Makes More Sense?,” the events’ hosts segregated women, men and couples this weekend to please conservative Muslims, reports The Guardian. After three people were told to vacate their seats for not following the gendered seating plan, professor Lawrence Krauss, one of two men debating, threatened to leave. Organizers from the Islamic Education and Research Academy relented, but an uproar ensued after the world’s most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, asked on Twitter, “who the hell do these Muslims think they are?” Dawkins was called racist. UCL says it will investigate. Here are Dawkins’ Tweets.


Atheist Dawkins blasts women-only seating

  1. It’s a little weird to say that Richard Dawkins is the world’s most famous atheist. He may be one of the people who is most famous for being an atheist, but he is not one of the most famous atheists: I think you would find that far more people would recognize atheists Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, or Sir Ian McKellan, for examples.

  2. I wasn’t aware “Muslim” had become a race. Nor that “these Muslims” – referring to those who had set up a gendered seating plan – had become that entire race.

  3. I can’t believe they catered for these women! No one should have the right to sit where they want or have anything called ‘private space’! Outrageous!!

    • You’re pretty ignorant of the situation. Women who tried to sit elsewhere were told they had to sit in their designated section. That’s forced segregation NOT “catering for women”. Moron.