Audio: Ontario Minister of Labour on York Strike

Fonseca dodges question on back-to-work legislation


I questioned Ontario’s Minister of Labour Peter Fonseca about the York University strike today in the halls of Queen’s Park.

The audio is below, but here’s the Coles Notes version. The government has no Plan B with the failure of mediation to end the dispute, instead hoping that time will eventually bring about a negotiated settlement.

I spoke to the Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities John Milloy and the education critics for the two opposition parties. I’m presently working on those audio files and hope to put together a report shortly.



Audio: Ontario Minister of Labour on York Strike

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  2. The Coles Notes version is that the Liberal government recognizes that back-to-work legislation would damage the larger labour climate in Ontario, and so they therefore have no intention of legislating 3903 back to work.

    Also, note that the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities stated that, to legislate 3903 back to work would interfere with the autonomy of York Universities, also a dangerous precedent to set.

  3. Dray, we’re familiar with your union talking points. You and CUPE members have force fed us this jargon for long enough. You’ve made your point, now get back to work before you hurt us anymore.

    Haven’t you thought once about why the majority of contract faculty, administration and students don’t support you?

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  5. @Alex:

    None of these are “talking points”. This is just me giving a summary. And, I’m not the one hurting you. I’ve actually been working on my marking, etc., during the strike.

    “Haven’t you thought once about why the majority of contract faculty, administration and students don’t support you? ”

    I was one of the so-called majority you speak of, until I went to observe bargaining for myself. That’s when I saw that everything CUPE was telling me was true.

  6. …. by the way, my own politics are not social-democrat at all! I believe that, in a free market, the tide lifts all boats, etc., and am a strong individualist. I see unions merely as independent agents colluding in order to set higher labour prices. CUPE may be socialist — doesn’t mean I am.

  7. The audit was a perfect example of providing a politican with a good amount of air in which he said nothing, said in five different ways still equalling nothing and committed to nothing. He is to be congratulated he is the perfect politican, paid a lot to do “nothing”. Happy Christmas Mr. Minister and Mr. Premier, hopefully you enjoy that well deserved sock full of coal on Christmas morning for delivering the sock for of BS you just dumped on the students at York U, but wait you’ll be given another opportunty to do nothing at U of T soon……

  8. EXACTLY, nothing was said, wow honestly does any body care about us? Do something please , does any body care about the 50 000 student? well this liberal gov’t is losing a lot votes amongst the younger generation I for one am not voting liberal ever again if they don’t force the CUPE back to work ASAP.

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