August is almost over

But don’t worry. Be happy.


In less than three weeks, I’ll be sitting in an organic chemistry lecture. I’ll have a lab report to finish, midterms to worry about, and some pop quizzes to fail.

For every student feeling the symptoms of “August is Almost Over and I Have no Idea What the Heck Happened to the Last Five Months” syndrome, this song is dedicated to you.


August is almost over

  1. Thanks for the update!

    Only 3 weeks left until the infamous 40 – 60 % assignments, the sometimes excruciating lectures, and dealing with those people who always have to voice their opinion about anything and everything to the professor in class.

    I’m in a lecture, I’m not here to listen to people discuss unimportant issues with the professors for a few brownie points.

  2. Thank you! The song put a permanent smile( for the day atleast) on my face :)

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