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B.C. Liberals divided over merit pay for teachers

Teachers’ Federation calls plan ‘destructive’


British Columbia Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon’s proposal to introduce merit pay for teachers has become a point of contention for the party, the Globe and Mail reports.

George Abbott, a former education minister who is also contesting the leadership, in a race to replace premier Gordon Campbell, called the idea a “trick shot piece” taken “from the American experience” that “may not be applicable to our experience.”

Falcon defended his plan arguing that good teachers need to be rewarded. “It is actually the teacher at the front of the classroom that is the best determinant of student outcomes,” he said.

Another leadership candidate, Christy Clark, has also weighed in on the debate, stating that whatever the merits of the proposal the government has to take into account the potential for conflict in the education sector. “How many days are you willing to have the teachers go out on strike?” she asked.

The president of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation called the plan “a destructive idea.”

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B.C. Liberals divided over merit pay for teachers

  1. This guy is so stupid. Not qualify to be a leader.

  2. ridiculous plan…we dont want or need divisive right wing leaders we just threw the last one out

  3. Its a great idea. Well done Kevin Falcon!

  4. In principle, I see nothing wrong with this idea. Being good at your job is more valuable than having been in your job for a long time, and, done right, could encourage improvements in education. In practice, I’m not sure that it will necessarily be effective, especially if the yardstick we’re going to use is something like absolute standardized test scores–which would generally mean that the best teachers would select for top performing schools, rather than trying to improve students who are performing below expectations.

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  6. Heres a choice for you to ajudicate: Teacher 1 teaches gym. She has managed to get all her students to show up for class the whole semester. However no athletic scholarships or competitions were won.
    Prior to this semester students were absent or bored. Now they are fully participating. Teacher 2 teaches geography and has succeeded in getting 80 percent of his students to pass the final exam, a good result from the previous year when only 50 percent passed.
    Teacher 3 has produced no better results in her science class for this semester compared to last semester, yet all achieved passing grades. How will you decide which teacher is better than the other in terms of merit pay ? If you are honest you will know its impossible to judge.

  7. I work for a prestigious private school ranked in the top few in Canada. Do you think we get merit pay? We are 10% behind most other provinces. If you really want to reward teachers, let market forces determine that. Public school teachers should go back to local bargaining. Get rid of provincial bargaining. Get rid of the monopoly. The best teachers will go to the districts that pay the most. That’s what happens in the private sector.

  8. So how would you decide if a teacher librarian should get a raise or a deecrease in pay? They don’t have students registered to them. Ridiculous idea.