B.C. men charged with cheating on MCATs

Scheme involved cell phones and a pinhole camera


cheating-MCAT-examTwo men in Richmond, B.C. are charged with six offences each, including theft, after one helped the other to cheat on his Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in January, according to CBC News. Police say that Josiah Miguel Ruben, who was at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, used a pinhole camera and a cell phone to transmit answers to co-conspirator Houmam Rezazadeh-Azar, who was writing the test in Victoria, B.C. and sending photos of the questions.

Police say that Ruben was getting the answers from three students who had been told they were taking a test for a job as an MCAT instructor. It was those students who became suspicious and alerted the police after they found it odd that they were presented with low-quality images of MCAT questions and one of them discovered online that MCATs were being held elsewhere that very minute. Cell phone records showed that Rezazadeh-Azar was in contact with Ruben the entire time.

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B.C. men charged with cheating on MCATs

  1. This is such an incredible story of how off the shelf technology can be used for one’s own personal gain. The sad part is that the student failed to realise he would have to cheat for his entire degree program. It’s not as if once in med school things would be a walk in the park now is it. He may be great with technology but his IQ is lacking.

  2. There is no way that they used a cell phone as they are under video camera surveillance. More likely a hidden camera in glasses with a hidden transposer in their ears!

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