Back to school for Ignatieff -

Back to school for Ignatieff

A videoblog on the Liberal leader’s campus tour


This week, Iggy’s headed to campus. If you’re fortunate enough to go to one of the 11 chosen schools, you should definitely take a moment to check out his worldview. Here’s why.

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Back to school for Ignatieff

  1. Give me a f-cking break. I am not a Liberal supporter, but this is a blatantly cynical and overtly political “commentary”. Should politicians not be talking to students or attempting to engage them? Should they simply cut funding to research granting councils without consultation? Or eliminate federal scholarship programs?

  2. Robyn — don’t resort to cheap shots. Students can’t afford to be jaded. We need your voice and energy — otherwise we’re going to be stuck with politicians like Harper for a long, long time.

    Do your research. Be honest. Fight for what’s right.

  3. Why not have a little humour mixed in with the usual fair on this site?

    Let’s face it. I’m a student politician and I came to the realization long ago that all democratic politics is hilariously smarmy and sickeningly sweet to an extent. The federal government is the most sugar-coated.

    If political parties actually wanted to know our political views on these materials, they would do extensive research into demographic values. They would figure out what the actual lie of the land is.

    Guess what? They don’t do this because they don’t actually want our opinions but our votes. To forget this is foolish. The video highlights this fact. Keep ’em coming.

  4. Ah yes another excellent On Campus video blog. I love the production values – how did you manage to get an office chair out into the middle of the woods anyway?

    I agree with AF though – a little humour is a good thing to have whenever discussing politics and especially politicians. Just try to make sure the “humour” is more than a theoretical element.

    Robyn, if this is the best thing you could put together on Ignatieff then you really need to spend a little more time on assignments, because there’s certainly a ton of juicier material on him more worthy of ridicule. As it stands this just sounds like another hackneyed Conservative attack piece.

  5. The writer says “if you’re fortunate enough to go to one of the 11 schools . . . “; which is misleading.

    My daughter is in high school. She’s going to the U of C meeting – there’s no requirement to be enrolled in one of the schools to go to listen to Ignatieff.

    Sounds like more of the attempts to label the whole thing “elitist”.