Back-to-work legislation coming


McGuinty has recalled the legislative assembly and will be tabling back-to-work legislation. Full story here.

My thoughts on the developments will be coming in a post later today at

Tomorrow, watch the byline at The National Post. If Sarah Millar is writing their coverage of the BTWL, I’d turn to her for extensive and knowledgeable reporting. Otherwise, I’d suggest Murray Campbell at The Globe and Mail or Robert Benzie at the Toronto Star. (Although I don’t expect either publication to dispatch an education reporter tomorrow.)

I’m working overnight Sunday/Monday at my bill-paying part-time job (I’ve taken a lot of weekends off for journalism and can’t afford to take more) and will not return to blogging until late Monday at the earliest.

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Back-to-work legislation coming

  1. Called it.

  2. Joey..I have tried three times to connect to you blog site you posted today and in this post. I have been unable to. I read your posts often and hope that your new site will be available soon.

  3. @Student 1

    Can you send me a direct email to I will keep your information confidential. The email will give me the IP address you are trying to access the site with and will allow me to try to figure out the problem.

    I’m still working out bugs on my personal server. I’ve let it “fall apart” has it were since I moved my primary blog to Macleans.

  4. It’s OK I got it today. Thanks.

  5. In the spirit of stating the obvious, it seems that the CUPE 3903 bunker completely misread the entire situation once again. The shell-shock is audible, not least on the blogs where the paid CUPE trolls have gone a bit quiet, except for those who don’t read the papers.

    Meanwhile the NDP has picked up the poisoned chalice and is filibustering for the next few days. In a breathtaking moment, the minister was accused of driving a Mercedes, the previous President of York apparently had upholstered chairs. The suspense had no beginning.

    Given that the federal budget lands tomorrow the NDP will get no coverage so even the filibuster is pointless.

    UNLESS of course the NDP is providing cover for a CUPE 3903 GMM Tuesday evening wherein the membership may finally accept voluntary binding arbitration as opposed to having it thrust upon them. Of course, York has been offering CUPE binding arbitration since last November, but CUPE 3903 thought they’d get a better deal by striking.

    Another tragic misread by the historically hapless CUPE 3903.Thanks for opening up the university sector to BTWL! Exit stage left. Far left.

  6. @Trinity

    I know many people in the NDP. I could see them (as I posted on my personal server) engaging in the filibuster to give 3903 a chance to put something together tomorrow night to guarantee themselves the wage increase and grad funding packages before going to arbitration.

    If there is nothing like that, I don’t know what the NDP achieved other than delaying the inevitable.

  7. Trinity- I’ve also noticed that the trolls have gone silent. Especially on facebook. They’re feeling a little disillusioned now that the revolution is dead.